A built-in Auto Completion (ACP) editor in Editplus

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This trick is originally provided by W. Jordan

Do you use the Auto Completion feature provided by EditPlus frequently?

If don't, you might switch to UltraEdit, which doesn't provide that powerful feature for you. Oh, obviously, you use it. Well, and you might sometimes forget whether you have defined an "Auto complete" keyword or not, or you have forgotten its spelling. You might wish the Auto Completion keywords might also appear in the cliptext list so that you can take a quick look at them, and edit them on-the-fly.

Unfortunately, EditPlus does not load ACP files into the cliptext list. There's a simple trick to load them into that list.

As experienced EditPlus "user file" authors might notice, the systax and structure of the Cliptext files (CTL) look almost the same as the Auto-Completion files (ACP).

Actually, you can have EditPlus load the ACP file into the Cliptext list.

1. Simply rename the ACP files' suffix from "*.acp" to "*.ctl". 2. After relaunching EditPlus, you can see that the renamed ACP files are loaded into the Cliptext list. 3. Now, you can edit the renamed "ACP" files with the Cliptext editability which EditPlus provides. 4. Don't forget to "Save" the modified file, by right clicking the cliptext list, and select "Save" when you are finished. 5. Modified your "Preferences": go to "Files/Settings & syntax" section, find your file types which use the original "ACP" files, change the ACP file references from "ACP" files to renamed "CTL" files. 6. Use the "Document/Refresh STX/ACP" command if neccessary.

For example, if you use "asp_cs.acp" as an Auto-Completion file for ASP.net, you might first rename that file from "asp_cs.acp" to "asp_cs.ctl" from Windows Explorer or somewhere else, so EditPlus will load it into the cliptext list, you gain the easy control of your ACP file. And then you change the ACP file reference for ASP.net file types, in "Preferences/Files/Settings & Syntax/Auto Completion:", from "asp_cs.acp" to "asp_cs.ctl". Thus, EditPLus will also use that file for auto completion.