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Code folding would allow a user to collapse sections of source code while working in other parts of it. A folding point is typically a method but can also be an entire class or even as small as an if-then-else block or comment section.

For example:

[-] public String foo(int arg1, int arg2) {
         //code line 1;
         //code line 2;
         return ("foo");

Would be folded to...

[+] public String foo(int arg1, int arg2) {

EditPlus (as of v2.2x) does not offer code folding as a feature. This feature should be available in v2.30, although it probably will be able to fold only indented code.

 This option is under View > Code Folding (Ctrl+shift+F)

Another, more flexible, option would be to allow users to define arbitrary "fold directives" based on special directive files (similarly to syntax files) as part of the file type configuration.