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EditPlus has command-line options which can be added to a shortcut to start EditPlus. This can be very useful if you are working on different projects that require different settings and/or templates. Create a separate shortcut for each project. As noted in EditPlus 3 help, they are:

-cursor line:column   Locate cursor at "line" and "column".

-d directory          Startup directory.

-e file               Load a file into an existing instance of EditPlus.

-i directory          INI file directory.

-n                    Creates a new document.

-p                    Prints a file.

-pr project           Selects a project.

-r                    Opens a file as read-only.

-t FileType           Set the file type. "FileType" must be one of the descriptions of file types on Settings & Syntax page of the Preferences dialog box.

-u                    Do not add the file name to the Recent Files list.

-w                    Do not load saved workspace.

-wd directory         Directory to save the workspace.

(this one is not in the EditPlus Help)

-s directory Syntax file directory.

If you work on different projects, probably the most useful are:

  • -i directory path INI Directory, which is where settings, and lists like recent searches, etc. are stored in *.ini files.
  • -d directory path Startup Directory, which is where the directory window will be when EditPlus starts.
  • -s directory path Syntax Directory, which is where templates, syntax (*.stx), auto completion (*.acp), and clip text (*.ctl) files are located.
  • -p project Open a project.

For example, if you have two different projects and you want the HTML template to be different, you want the list of last opened files to be different, etc., for each project, you might use these two shortcuts (Properties in Windows):

"C:\Program Files\EditPlus 3\editplus.exe" -i c:\projects\EPini\one -s c:\projects\EPini\one -d c:\projects\code\one -p one

"C:\Program Files\EditPlus 3\editplus.exe" -i c:\projects\EPini\two -s c:\projects\EPini\two -d c:\projects\code\two -p two

You should copy all the *.ini, template.*, *.stx, *.acp, and *.ctl files from C:\Program Files\EditPlus 3\ to c:\projects\EPini\one and c:\projects\EPini\two

You could have the *.ini files and syntax directory files in different locations, but there is no reason not to have them in the same location. You can then start EditPlus with each of the shortcuts and modify templates and other settings to suit the project.