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Editplus under Linux

Hello everyone,

I use editplus now for about 4 years, its great and I cannot live without it. But I want to step over to an linux based computer. Can someone tell me if editplus is developt also for linux? Or If there is a really good other editplus for linux?


EditPlus hasn't been ported to Linux, but you might find this useful: Running on Linux. -- 16:44, 22 June 2006 (PDT)

C/C++ Syntax

Yes under Linux! and + we need a C/C++ syntax file comperable with "vi editor"! It's quite possible that somebody has alredy done a better syntax file for C! If so pls mention it here..

cuneytalpay (at) yahoo.com

Is it possible to configure Ant as a user tool

Hi, I've just spent 30 minutes trying to configure EditPlus to use ant as a user tool. My latest attempt is:

Command: "C:\Program Files\Ant\bin\ant.exe"

Arg: -f $(FileName) $(CurSel)

Initial Dir: $(FileDir)

Capture output: yes , Save open files: yes

which didn't work. Any ideas?


Internet Explorer 6 and 7 won't use EditPlus to edit HTML files

I have set Editplus as the default editor for IE using the Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer 5 (sic) checkbox. The registry key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name was then changed by EditPlus to D:\PROGRA~1\EDITPL~1\eppie.exe (which is where I have it installed)

But... in IE, the Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab still shows a blank instead of EditPlus and, more annoyingly, a context-menu click on Edit still brings up notepad.

Has anyone else seen this and perhaps ;) figured out how to correct this behaviour?

Ian Portman

SQLPLUS as a user tool

Hi All

I have managed to integrate sqlcmd (SQL Server command line) with EditPlus. If you are interested:

Command: sqlcmd.exe

Argument: -S {server} -U {username} -P {password} -e -u -s| -d $(Prompt) -Q "$(CurSel)"

Capture Output

It will prompt you for a database name and run the selected (highlighted) SQL statement.

I have not tested but am sure sqlcmd.exe can be happily replaced with isql.exe

I would now like to do the same with SQLPLUS (Oracle command line).

There is no equivalent to "-Q" but the following DOS command does the same:

DOS PROMPT> echo select * from testtable | sqlplus {username}/{password}@{schema}

It pipes the select statement into a new sqlplus shell instance, displays the output, and returns to the DOS prompt.

How do you use this syntax to add an EditPlus user tool?


UPDATE: have found a way; see the EditPlus User Tools Wiki

Edit Plus Help

Java on Edit Plus is great! I like the compiler options under user tools. It worked seemless under my XP maching but since I have Vista I set up the user tool just as before and now get the following error:

Java Compiler------------

javac: file not found: helloworld.java Usage: javac ,options> ,source files> use -help for a list of possable options

Output cmplete (4 sec consumed)

Any insight would be appreciated!

(Are there any forums? I am having a hard time navigating this site to find appropriate place to put this kind of thread)


Set EditPlus as Edit Program on Right-click Menu in Windows 7

Windows 7 sets the Edit choice on the right-click menu to M$ Word (if M$ Office) is installed. A registration modifying file has been uploaded to the Yahoo! EditPlus Group files area ( [editplus_rcedit.reg [1]]).

Can that be posted on the Wiki so that anyone can download it?

Tom Cosmas