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EditPlus and FTP

EditPlus supports editing files on a remote server via the FTP and SFTP protocols. The implementation is among the most convenient of any editors because it can directly open a file from the server, and with each save, it uploads the copy to the server. This makes it very easy to update websites or do remote coding.

FTP/SFTP Differences

FTP is a very fast but insecure protocol. It sends usernames and passwords in plain text which means that anyone who wants to set up a sniffer can obtain access to your server. This means they will have the ability to delete your files, deface your website or, often worse, obtain access to confidential data in your database!

For this reason was SFTP invented. SFTP encrypts all communication which makes it secure but is a bit slower because of that. The EditPlus community has asked and waited for SFTP support in EditPlus and finally in 2.20 and it was launched as Experimental. Most of the problems have been fixed as of the current version.

For more information see FTP and SFTP.

FTP/SFTP Support

In EditPlus both FTP and SFTP use the same interface. There are two ways to connect to a server:

Popup Window

The standard interface is the popup window invoked via File->FTP->Open Remote. You can also create a Shortcut Icon or use the Shortcut Keys to make accessing it easier.

You can define your FTP sites with the Settings button. By default it uses FTP. In order to change it to use SFTP click on Advanced Options and check the Use SFTP checkbox.

Once your site(s) are defined, select the one you want to use and click Browse to connect. You will be able to navigate through directories and find the files you would like to edit. Double click to open the file. If you wish to open multiple files, uncheck the Close dialog box after transfer box. This will allow you to continue to double-click on files to open them.

Once you have opened files directly from the server, every time you hit save, they will automatically be uploaded back over the previous copy.

Embedded into the Directory Sidebar

You may prefer to use the Directory Sidebar for navigating your directories both locally and remotely. In this case, pressing ALT+SHIFT+3 will open/close the Directory Sitebar. You can also use View->Toolbars/Views->Directory Window to open it. From here, you can use the pulldown to select your FTP sites (after you have created them via File->FTP->FTP Settings).

Once connected you will see the directories on the top half of the sidebar and the files on the bottom half. Double-click a file to open it.

SFTP Fix for OpenSSH

There is a limitation in EditPlus's implementation of SFTP that does not work with certain versions of OpenSSH. OpenSSH is the most commonly used implemenation of SFTP on Linux. If you can NOT to connect in EditPlus but you ARE with other applications (such as FileZilla, and the host is running OpenSSH version 3.8.1p1 or later, it could be that a simple configuration change on the server is all that is necessary to make it work.


  • Edit the sshd_config file (commonly located in /etc/ssh/).
  • Find the line that starts with: PasswordAuthentication.
  • Set it to yes instead of no.
  • Restart the SSH daemon by typing (as root): /etc/init.d/ssh restart
  • Alternatively use rcsshd restart if above doesnt work
  • Try to connect with EditPlus

Additional helps: To find out the version of SSH type: ssh -V
A very common version that contains the problem is: OpenSSH_3.8.1p1 Debian-8.sarge.4, OpenSSL 0.9.7e 25 Oct 2004
--Submitted by Dean Householder on 21 Apr 2006

Simple SFTP running EditPlus under Wine

This tip not only applies to EditPlus, but ANY *nix app. First, install Fuse[1]. Then install the Fuse filesystem SSHFS [2]. Now you can mount SFTP at a normal mount-point and open/save files just like you would to a local directory.

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