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  • Ability to specify background colours and font effects (bold, italic, underlined) in syntax highlighting. This can make comments much easier to find, and be a very powerful aid for quote matching etc.
  • Option to ignore .stx keywords in plain text (i.e. highlight them only when they are within the tag delimiters defined for the language.
  • Option to ignore quotes in plain text (i.e. highlight them only when they are within the tag delimiters defined for the language.
  • Have a column marker (vertical line) show were the cutoff would be when printing the document.
You can already set column marker lines (Document -> Set column marker) and wrap at a specific column (Document -> Word Wrap Options). But, if you don't want to wrap the text and you want to print the document there should be a way to determine where the end of the page is.
  • Support for more than one SCRIPT_BEGIN and SCRIPT_END in syntax files (helps with heredoc syntax).
  • The ability to split the screen and load different documents into each section (like in Emacs).
  • Solving the ambiguity in brace matching oocuring at the right square bracket in: [asdf]{asdf}. Fx always look at the brace to the left...
  • Ability to view(or edit) files in HEX mode.
  • Ability to sort Syntax File Types by description or file extension

Text Reader

  • Read-only "Reader" mode. Editing is disabled, pressing the spacebar causes paging down, and Up/Down keys scroll the visible part of the document on screen, Left/Right keys switch between opened documents. More comfortable for code browsing and reading.

Syntax Hints

  • DOM Capability. Ability to list DOM objects in a dropdown list. For example, in ASP when you type Response+Period then all the DOM selections for the Response object could be in the dropdown list. Just like in Visual Studio.
"Intellisense" is the word you're looking for

Syntax Highlight

  • Ability to specify background as well as text color.
  • Ability to highlight variables ( $scalar and $array[elements] ) in quoted string (Very very useful for script languages with string expansion like PHP or perl).
  • Ability to highlight special characters in quoted strings (like \r, \n, \t, \x0F etc.).
  • along with #COMMENTON and #COMMENTOFF, it would be nice to have #CODEON and #CODEOFF (i.e. everything outside of the specified delimiters is a comment by default). #COMMENTOFF and #COMMENTON work for that (essentially reverse the usage), except for the text before the placement for #CODEON. useful for Verisity's Specman e-language, since code is bracketed by <' and '>, and all else is comments. Still need to be able to use the #COMMENTON and #COMMENTOFF concurrently with the #CODEON and #CODEOFF though, as comments can reside in the bracketed code too. more explanation, or example e file: parkerjd@tampabay.rr.com
  • ability to specify multiple-word keywords for syntax file (e.g. verilog import) together they highlight, separately they do not highlight unless specified on a separate line for each. maybe the CR/LF is the delimiter to use, or allow us to escape the space delimiter?
  • ability to specify the folder containing the cliptext files (.ctl)
  • ability to select another htmlbar.acp and template.html than the default ones (especialy in a different location than the installation folder)


  • Full UTF-8 Support
  • Unicode UTF-8/16/32 Support
  • Codepage autodetection for opened files, or, at least, possibility to choose the default codepage for all/certain types of files.
  • Support right-to-left mode for Hebrew, Arabic, etc.


  • SFTP Support
(from v2.2 What's New: "Experimental 'Use sftp' option (File->FTP->FTP Settings, Works only on Windows XP and higher).", but does not work properly on keyboard-interactive authorization.
  • Ability to sort FTP accounts in the FTP Settings window. The current ordering is unpredictable, and a pain when you have a lot of FTP accounts configured
  • Ability to group accounts in a hierarchical structure
  • FTP transfer (saving / opening) should not be modal, waiting for the transfer to complete wastes time, which can be better spent editing other files for example.
  • Option to enable not to load ftp files until their related document window is activated when loading projects or workspace files.

User Interface


  • Being able to add or change html toolbar icons.
  • New user buttons in html toolbar for <div> and <span> tags. Even more, if the toolbar is more customizable for advanced users (e.g. adding custom icons and cliptexts, replacing the icons), that will be fine.
  • Beefup the color pickup button: Move the color pickup button from HTML toolbar to the main toolbar since it is also useful in other scenarios, for example, CSS, or something else. Allow the user to setup formats for the color pickup, e.g. #RRGGBB, rgb(r, g, b) and etc.
  • Toolbar-sets for the HTML toolbar: Users can alternate between several toolbar-sets, to facilitate editing HTML, XHTML, Wiki, BBS codes, and even JSP or ASP.net WebControls....
  • If more than one toolbar available, being able to set the default one in the .stx file

MDI & Tabs

  • Ability to change order of tabs in document selector by drag&dropping tabs. [can be done through the Window List (F11)]
  • Ability to close an opened file by double clicking its tab.
  • Having multiple document selectors for different groups of files, and the ability to switch between them.
  • Ability to rename file from context menu of tabs in document selector
The directory window supports rename from context menu, but doesn't update the filename of the tab in the document selector if the document is already open.
  • Ability to open more than one instance of EditPlus. Particularly with 2 screens this could be very helpful.
Check box in Preferences->General 'Allow Multiple Instances'


  • Window List (F11) in the sidebar
If 50 documents are open it is much easier to scroll the list to pick the document than pick through all the tabs at the bottom. It would be nice to have it open all the time so you're not flipping between window list and the document.
  • Function List (Ctrl+F11) in the sidebar
  • More than one dockable function list window that each one collects different lines of text from the document depending on their regular expression settings.
  • Ability to dock the output window as a sidebar
In some cases it would be nice to have the output window use more vertical space than horizonal and not use the space of the editor.
And in some other cases, it would be nice to have the output window "floating" or behind the editor main window, so that we can save some visual space for editing.
  • Support for loading html or text file in side bar for reference. This customised reference file may display functionlist or class list as specified by delimeters, and can be generated through commands. Providing option to run configurable commands on this list.
  • Function List - Copy or Function Pattern should allow for removing braces in the same line as the keyword (sub or function), so that they do not appear in the Function List window (sub Example($$@) instead of sub Example($$@) { ).


  • Give 'Close' (in File Menu) the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+W [can be done in Tools >> Preferences >> Keyboard]
  • Ability to Sort documents by name in the Window List (F11)
  • Paste at begining/end of selected lines (Similar to line comment, but also at end of line)
  • Add a keyboard shortcut for commenting/uncommenting. Visual Studio uses CTRL-K followed by CTRL-C.
  • Fix the keyboard shortcut for commenting/uncommenting so it doesn't lose the text selection. You can't comment and uncomment repeatedly without reselecting the text block.
  • Add a keyboard shortcut option for moving selected text up or down by one line, similar to Microsoft Word's Alt-Shift-Up and Alt-Shift-Down. The highlighted text is expanded to include the entire line(s) and one line above is moved below the text block or one line below is moved above the text block. Be sure the text remains highlighted so it can be repeated quickly.
  • Add synchronized scrolling for vertically tiled windows like the UltraEdit function with the same name. A sample source code for VisualBasic can be visited at http://www.codeproject.com/vb/net/RTFSynchronizedScrolling.asp
  • Give the output window the ability to take input.
You always have the chance to use the main window for that. ;)


  • Ability to run a macro from the current position to the end of the file instead of specifying just the number of times to run.
  • Ability to store keyboard recordings in named files in addition to the ten shortcut positions. Ability to playback these recordings by selecting them from a file open window.
  • Store keyboard recordings as XML files that can be edited after the fact. Nothing fancy (a full macro language is not needed), but just a list of keystrokes in plain text with a simple schema. Some of my recordings are so old I don't remember how I recorded them!


  • Ability to sort like 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, not 1, 10, 11, 2, 3
  • Additional option to have multiples removed and leave only originals.
This is very useful if you have to lists that are very similar and you want to see what's different between them. I've needed this more times then you can imagine!
  • Ability to replace in all files (matching wildcard) in current directory and its subdirectories. Can be disabled for FTP locations.
  • Option to remove duplicates when column sorting if sorted parts are the same.
  • Ability to sort on multiple (at least 2) columns.
  • In 'Function List' window, sort should only apply to class/namespace/function names, instead of sorting whole line including the return type.


  • Keyboard shortcut to turn on and off the auto-complete functionality. (Holding down the CTRL key while hitting Enter or Space will temporally disable auto complete. Use ctrl-Z (undo) if you forget.)
  • Drop down list to hint Auto-completing possibilities. For example, if there are keywords like "asptextbox", "aspbutton", "aspradiobutton", "elbutton"..., and we type "asp", a drop-down list containing "asp" keywords will be shown and we can select or continue typing the one we want, and then press the space-bar or enter, or we type "el", and then "elbutton" shows up in the drop-down list. Of course, a delay before showing the drop-down list is appropriate.
  • Intellisense-like auto completion. (Provides hints as you type, instead of inserting a pre-formatted string to be edited later)

Version Control Integration

  • Native functionality to check files in/out of a CVS repository. (If the left 'Directory' panel is explorer compatible, it's possible to use TortoiseCVS inside EditPlus.)
  • Native functionality to check files in/out of a Subversion repository. (Same as above but using 'TortoiseSVN' instead). A way to get this going would be to provide an explorer view in the directory window. Not sure if it's possible but as Tortoise provides the shell integration you would get it for free. Other than that. Being able to hide certain files/folders would be useful. For example in Subversion .svn folders are scattered about the working folder so hiding these in the directory window would be a real step forward.
  • Include a native wrapper that could be used as the 'editor-cmd' value for Subversion - a separate process that stays open while the file in question is still opened in EditPlus, and terminates when file is closed (without exiting EditPlus!).


File and Project Management

  • Default to not clear undo history when saving a file but an option to do so.
  • Option to mark lines that have changed (put a color marker in left gutter) until file is saved again.
  • Also option to jump quickly between changed lines.
  • Option to automatically save user-tool output to a file.
  • Support for WebDAV(!!!) with locking.
  • Support folders in project files.
  • Option to open all files in a directory and all of its subdirectories
  • Incremental backup extension/name (.001, .002, .003 ...)
  • Support for user tool commands as subcontext menu (popup menu)in document selector view to directly run the command.
  • Ability to autosave as normal but save to backup file only upon exiting file, or based on separate auto-save interval (helpful when editing large files over network or online).
  • Auto backup unsaved documents
  • Option to sort project files depending on file paths.
  • Have project menu as a submenu of the context menu of document selector bar.
  • Option to specify the font of document selector bar.
  • Additional user defined argument macro ${userDefined}
  • Additional argument macro ${iniFileDirectory}
  • Additional argument macro ${userProfile} to point to "C:\Documents and Settings\userAccount" (like the windows environment variable %USERPROFILE%)
  • Support for argument macros when feeding the fields "INI file directory", syntax file path, autocompletion file path and user tool command so that the settings of editplus could easily be exported to any windows computer using ${userProfile}

Search and Formatting

  • Ability to restrict 'Find in Files' to certain file types.
I believe you can do this (in 2.20) using '*.extension' as 'File type' in 'Find in Files'
  • Incremental search / find-as-you-type within document, like in Opera, Firefox (or emacs). Instead of popping-up a find-window, this would slide-in a find-bar. The cursor jumps to the next matching position as you type.
  • Ability to reformat a script according to keyword's case (autoadjust) in the .stx file.
  • Ability to auto-trim all trailing white-space on save.
  • Ability to URL encode/decode the selected text
  • Simple file comparison utilities with differences highlighted
  • A more fully featured regular expresion engine, closer to Perl. The repetition operator {n,m}, would be extremely useful.
  • Option for PascalCasing as well as camelCasing in addition to the lower casing, UPPER CASING, invert CASING, and Sentence Casing which currently exist.
  • Support for 'search in files' option as a command which can be used by user tools to customise functionalty.
  • Another (and independent) "find in files" button to be used as a task list by saving the regex for //TODO, //HACK, etc. along with the other search options.
  • A +/-/collapse/expand option similar to windows file explorer for all statements with brace enveloped blocks of code. eg: Click a '-' to hide everything within a while loop's braces -- see Document Display, Code folding
  • A 'block comment' command. Like line comment, but comments whole selected block, not every line of it. (If supported by language being edited.)
  • A dockable window for a list of matching lines for the last search operation. Jump to any line from this window.
  • Replace using scriptlets: On a search, pass captured groups (if regular expression) or found text (if regular search) to a scriptlet, and replace using its return value: Functionally, it would be like Perl's s///e thing, or JavaScript String.replace() with a closure for the second parameter. WSH via IActiveScript and friends would be the easiest way to do this, I think. In fact, it could also be done as a user tool, though it would be a clunky user experience and it wouldn't exactly be a one-liner. And making it "native" would be a good warm-up for adding automation to the entire editor.


  • ctags support.
  • Intellisense Engine (customizable via files; i.e. javascript.int)
  • LaTeX support


  • Auto detect and complete width and height when inserting img tags.
  • Auto indent whole xml documents (restructurize)


  • Built-in (x)html validator
  • Built-in css validator
  • Built-in XML validator or MSXML 4.0 integration
  • Support for configurable triggering event which will execute the specified command. eg. updating document selector view automatically upon directory changes.
  • Support for Code folding. When editting a C/C++ or JAVA code file, some functions and classes take up many lines. I wish I could fold the codes by simply clicking some mark besides the function name or class name and unfold them by the same way. -- Also referred to in chapter 'Document Display'.
  • Support for Latex files - autocompletion, section/subsection selector, section/subsection folding
  • Insert link to file option on context menu in file list (like insert image)
  • Multiple .bak file versions ( ie - filename.bak, filename.bak1, filename.bak2, etc) -- Also referred to in chapter 'File and Project Management'.
  • Ability to have a page pull up in the browser with https

User Tools

  • An option to redirect the standard error stream to the output window. This would be enormously useful for "run as text filter" tools. If the output window is hidden when the command is invoked, it would be cool for it to be shown if and only if there is some output on standard error, or the exit status is nonzero.
  • A macro such as "CurQuote" that expands to the string(quotation included between "s or 's) under cursor would be much useful.
  • pass the hostname/path for the current file as an argument