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  • Code folding for functions and any block of code, configurable for every language.
  • Ability to handle nested comments.
  • Ability to specify background colours and font effects (bold, italic, underlined) in syntax highlighting. This can make comments much easier to find, and be a very powerful aid for quote matching etc.
  • Option to ignore .stx keywords in plain text (i.e. highlight them only when they are within the tag delimiters defined for the language.
  • Option to ignore quotes in plain text (i.e. highlight them only when they are within the tag delimiters defined for the language.
  • Have a column marker (vertical line) show were the cutoff would be when printing the document.
You can already set column marker lines (Document -> Set column marker) and wrap at a specific column (Document -> Word Wrap Options). But, if you don't want to wrap the text and you want to print the document there should be a way to determine where the end of the page is.
  • Support for more than one SCRIPT_BEGIN and SCRIPT_END in syntax files (helps with heredoc syntax).
  • The ability to split the screen and load different documents into each section (like in Emacs). [Can be done using Window List (F11): select files and click "Tile ...".]
  • Solving the ambiguity in brace matching oocuring at the right square bracket in: [asdf]{asdf}. Fx always look at the brace to the left...
  • Ability to view(or edit) files in HEX mode.
  • Ability to sort Syntax File Types by description or file extension
  • XP Look & Feel
  • More robust backup when saving to an FTP/SFTP server - backups should be saved each time the remote file is saved, and there should be a separate folder for each FTP server.
  • I am running Windows Millennium (4.90.3000) and EditPlus v2.12(76). When I open 250 files (file lists from various directories to understand a virtual server) the Windows "system space" drops below 10% available. So, my request is that EditPlus optimize its use of system space. I am sure that something can be done: even, for instance, closing files and reopening them automatically when necessary. But, there may be something about read-only or some other automatic efficiency to pursue. What needless inefficiencies regarding system space are there in the code?

Some attention to this would seem rather important for EditPlus' basic justifying function of allowing manipulation of files in large number.

  • The ftp feature is very nice but why just UPLOAD... DOWNLOAD (even binaries) would be a nice touch.
  • I would like EditPlus to have Auto-Indent facility, something similar to what is provided in Flash 7 and above.
  • Beat the current 30 syntax files limit. The number of allowed syntax files should be possibly unlimited or there should be at least a much higher limit like 500 entries.

Source Control Integration

  • It would be great if you could check in/check out files from source control software packages such as Visual Source Safe, CVS and/or Subversion. I have found some hacks that allow you to check files in and out but you have to type in project paths and it is a real pain. Dreamweaver 8 has a really nice implementation of this. You setup a site, then associate a VSS (for example) project with a working folder. then it tells you the status of the file (checked in or checked out or not added to the repo yet) and you can right there, add/check in the file. By double clicking on a file, it automagically checks the file out for you and you can begin editing. It would make it a lot easier not to have to keep switching back to my source control explorer (TortoiseSVN in my case or VSS Explorer).

Why don't you define your cvs/svn commands as tools, then call them with the appropriate keyboard shortcut? You can pass the folder as a command line argument to the external command, the external command can be a batch file.

The combination of key recording and external tools is very powerful. The only addition I'd require to EP, regarding this, is the possibility to call EP itself from batch files with a command line argument telling EP to run a particular macro or tool, and the possibility to do this for the active instance of the editor instead of a new EP instance.

An even more powerful possibility is to use AutoIt.


Text Reader

  • Read-only "Reader" mode. Editing is disabled, pressing the spacebar causes paging down, and Up/Down keys scroll the visible part of the document on screen, Left/Right keys switch between opened documents. More comfortable for code browsing and reading.
  • Open "any-size" files. Opening unlimited size files would be nice. Editplus has a file size limit of about a quarter of physical memory. Let the user using the full power of Editplus on larger files would be very appreciated.

Syntax Hints

  • DOM Capability. Ability to list DOM objects in a dropdown list. For example, in ASP when you type Response+Period then all the DOM selections for the Response object could be in the dropdown list. Just like in Visual Studio.
"Intellisense" is the word you're looking for

Syntax Highlight

  • Ability to specify background as well as text color.
  • Ability to highlight variables ( $scalar and $array[elements] ) in quoted string (Very very useful for script languages with string expansion like PHP or perl).
  • Ability to highlight special characters in quoted strings (like \r, \n, \t, \x0F etc.).
  • along with #COMMENTON and #COMMENTOFF, it would be nice to have #CODEON and #CODEOFF (i.e. everything outside of the specified delimiters is a comment by default). #COMMENTOFF and #COMMENTON work for that (essentially reverse the usage), except for the text before the placement for #CODEON. useful for Verisity's Specman e-language, since code is bracketed by <' and '>, and all else is comments. Still need to be able to use the #COMMENTON and #COMMENTOFF concurrently with the #CODEON and #CODEOFF though, as comments can reside in the bracketed code too. more explanation, or example e file: parkerjd@tampabay.rr.com
  • ability to specify multiple-word keywords for syntax file (e.g. verilog import) together they highlight, separately they do not highlight unless specified on a separate line for each. maybe the CR/LF is the delimiter to use, or allow us to escape the space delimiter?
  • ability to specify the folder containing the cliptext files (.ctl)
  • ability to select another htmlbar.acp and template.html than the default ones (especialy in a different location than the installation folder)
  • Ability to copy syntax highlighted texts to clipboard as rtf or html


  • Full UTF-8 Support
  • Unicode UTF-8/16/32 Support
  • Codepage autodetection for opened files, or, at least, possibility to choose the default codepage for all/certain types of files.
  • Support right-to-left mode for Hebrew, Arabic, etc.


  • SFTP Support
    • (from v2.2 What's New: "Experimental 'Use sftp' option (File->FTP->FTP Settings, Works only on Windows XP and higher).", but does not work properly on keyboard-interactive authorization.
    • If you are having trouble connecting to a server via SFTP, see this fix
  • Ability to sort FTP accounts in the FTP Settings window. The current ordering is unpredictable, and a pain when you have a lot of FTP accounts configured
  • Ability to group accounts in a hierarchical structure
  • FTP transfer (saving / opening) should not be modal, waiting for the transfer to complete wastes time, which can be better spent editing other files for example.
  • Option to enable not to load ftp files until their related document window is activated when loading projects or workspace files.
  • In the "Open Remote File" Dialogue box, when you type in a file or directory name that is not present in the current directory you receive an error message "The file transfer failed . . . " and the Open Remote File dialogue box closes. Instead of closing the Open Remote File dialogue box, it should stay open and allow you to try typing the correct name.

User Interface


  • Being able to add or change html toolbar icons.
  • New user buttons in html toolbar for <div> and <span> tags. Even more, if the toolbar is more customizable for advanced users (e.g. adding custom icons and cliptexts, replacing the icons), that will be fine.
  • Beefup the color pickup button: Move the color pickup button from HTML toolbar to the main toolbar since it is also useful in other scenarios, for example, CSS, or something else. Allow the user to setup formats for the color pickup, e.g. #RRGGBB, rgb(r, g, b) and etc.
  • Toolbar-sets for the HTML toolbar: Users can alternate between several toolbar-sets, to facilitate editing HTML, XHTML, Wiki, BBS codes, and even JSP or ASP.net WebControls....
  • If more than one toolbar available, being able to set the default one in the .stx file
  • Always on top. This is a quick and easy one feature. Also, a very helpful one. An editor as good as Editplus must have the always on top feature.

MDI & Tabs

  • Ability to change order of tabs in document selector by drag&dropping tabs. [can be done through the Window List (F11)]
  • Ability to close an opened file by double clicking its tab. [middle-click is assigned to closing documents by default]
  • Having multiple document selectors for different groups of files, and the ability to switch between them.
  • Ability to rename file from context menu of tabs in document selector
The directory window supports rename from context menu, but doesn't update the filename of the tab in the document selector if the document is already open.
  • Ability to open more than one instance of EditPlus. Particularly with 2 screens this could be very helpful.
Check box in Preferences->General 'Allow Multiple Instances'


  • Window List (F11) in the sidebar
If 50 documents are open it is much easier to scroll the list to pick the document than pick through all the tabs at the bottom. It would be nice to have it open all the time so you're not flipping between window list and the document.
  • Function List (Ctrl+F11) in the sidebar
  • More than one dockable function list window that each one collects different lines of text from the document depending on their regular expression settings.
  • Ability to dock the output window as a sidebar
In some cases it would be nice to have the output window use more vertical space than horizonal and not use the space of the editor.
And in some other cases, it would be nice to have the output window "floating" or behind the editor main window, so that we can save some visual space for editing.
  • Support for loading html or text file in side bar for reference. This customised reference file may display functionlist or class list as specified by delimeters, and can be generated through commands. Providing option to run configurable commands on this list.
  • Function List - Copy or Function Pattern should allow for removing braces in the same line as the keyword (sub or function), so that they do not appear in the Function List window (sub Example($$@) instead of sub Example($$@) { ).
  • For HTML editing, the ability to link a file (either local or remote) from the directory list, much as an image can be inserted now. This would save massive amounts of time.
  • In cliptext list, automatically select the correct cliptext file according to the type of file


  • Give 'Close' (in File Menu) the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+W [can be done in Tools >> Preferences >> Keyboard]
  • Ability to Sort documents by name in the Window List (F11)
  • Paste at begining/end of
  • An option for a global search/replace on all files of a specified type in a directory (and optionally subdirectories) instead of just all open files. This is one of two things HomeSite did better than EditPlus. (the other is the drag-and-drop linking mentioned above) On lower-powered systems, having to open all the files you want to do a global replace on can crash EditPlus or hang the computer.
  • Clipboard collector that collect multiple clipboard items and allow you to paste from the collector. So, if I copy some text lets say "Doo dah" and then I copy some more text "Dayeo" then in the collector, it shows me both strings and I could paste either one by just clicking on the one I want. Microsoft Office has this for their products, pretty handy.
  • Sort lines of entire file or selected text. [Just select a text and Text->Sort...]
  • Full Unix regular expression syntax support.
  • Matching brace/tag of entire document or selected text.
  • EditPlus API and plugins