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List of fonts for coders

Programmers' fonts

Fonts expressely conceived for programming

Old school "8-bit" fonts

Fonts from computer systems and videogames of the '80s, for nostalgics and retrocoders

How to change fonts used by EditPlus

Go to Tools / Preferences... / General / Fonts

How to install new fonts in Windows

Copy & Paste (or Drag & Drop) the file of the font you want to install into the Windows Font system folder (normally C:\WINDOWS\Fonts ).

Displaying Korean-encoded files

To display Korean-encoded text in EditPlus on an English version of Windows with Korean fonts installed:

1. Select the Fonts category of the Preferences dialog box (Tools menu, Preferences... item). Select a Korean font such as Gulim in the Font list. Choose Hangul in the Language dropdown list.

2. Use the Open... item in the File menu to display the Open dialog box. If Korean 949 is in the Encoding dropdown list, select it and open your file. If Korean 949 is not in the list, click the "..." button next to the list to display the Configure Encodings dialog box. Select Korean 949 in the System code pages list and copy it to the Encoding list with the left arrow button. Click the OK button to close the dialog box, and Korean 949 will appear in the Encoding dropdown list. Select it and open your file.

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