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Though the HTML Toolbar can be customized by going to Tools > Preferences > Tools > Toolbar, there are no buttons for newer and frequently used HTML tags (such as <div> and <span>).


htmlbar.acp is an autocomplete file in the EditPlus program directory that dictates what text is outputted when an HTML Toolbar button is pressed. You can modify this file to make it XHTML compliant, for instance, or you could "repurpose" the Underline "U" button to output <div></div> tags rather than <u></u> tags (which are deprecated in HTML4).

Note: If you check "Use XHTML tags" (Tools > Preferences > General) EditPlus will use xhtmlbar.acp rather than htmlbar.acp. It is also worth noting that version 2.30 (315) has <div></div> and <span></span> buttons on the HTML toolbar in both htmlbar.acp and xhtmlbar.acp.

A common modification users make to the default htmlbar.acp file is enabling the paragraph button to generate a closing paragraph tag, necessary for XHTML validation. To do this, edit htmlbar.acp under Program Files/EditPlus 2 and change this:


to this:


Then restart EditPlus.

See auto-completion file format for more details.

Resource Hacker

Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It can be used to replace the bitmaps within the EditPlus excutable used for the display of toolbar buttons.

  1. Download Resource Hacker and install
  2. While EditPlus is not running, open C:\Program Files\EditPlus 2\editplus.exe with Resourse Hacker
  3. Expand the tree folder that says "Bitmap" and then expand "2000"
  4. Select "1033" (the toolbar bitmap) and select "Action > Save Bitmap"
  5. Using Photoshop (or a similar graphics editor), edit the bitmap however you wish, and save it
  6. In Resource Hacker, select "Action > Replace Bitmap" and point to the directory/filename of the newly edited Toolbar Bitmap
  7. Once it's replaced, select "File > Save" then open EditPlus... presto! you have a new bar! (Don't worry, Resourse Hacker will make a backup copy of the original file)

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