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Recommended Keyboard Shortcuts to Add

Modifying the default keyboard shortcut keys allows you to take advantage of potential shortcuts that do not come as defaults in EditPlus. To change your keyboard shortcuts go to: Tools->Preferences->Keyboard. Next select the Type of shortcut (very similar to the pulldown menus), then select a Command you wish to change. Below is a list of recommendations from users.

To allow easy switching of documents

(Type: Window)

  • WindowPrev as Alt + Left Arrow
  • WindowNext as Alt + Right Arrow

Easily close current document

(Type: File)

  • FileClose as Ctrl + W

FTP Shortcuts

(Type: File)

  • FileOpenRemote as Ctrl + Alt + O
  • FileSaveRemote as Ctrl + Alt + S

HTML Shortcuts

(Type: HTML)

  • HTMLBreak (<br>) as Shift + Enter
  • HTMLNbsp (&nbps;) as Shift + Space
  • HTMLParagraph (<p>) as Ctrl + Enter