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Recommended Keyboard Shortcuts to Add

Modifying the default keyboard shortcut keys allows you to take advantage of potential shortcuts that do not come as defaults in EditPlus. Below is a list of recommendations from users.

To allow easy switching of documents

(Type: Window)

  • WindowPrev as Alt + Left Arrow (Ctrl+shift+Tab)
  • WindowNext as Alt + Right Arrow (Ctrl+Tab)

Easily close current document

(Type: File)

  • FileClose as Ctrl + W

Easily switch the current file type

This lets you quickly set the syntax highlighting to use after pasting some text into a temporary document.

(Type: Document)

  • DocChangeSyntax as Ctrl + Shift + T

FTP Shortcuts

(Type: File)

  • FileOpenRemote as Ctrl + Alt + O
  • FileSaveRemote as Ctrl + Alt + S

HTML Shortcuts

(Type: HTML)

  • HTMLBreak (<br>) as Shift + Enter
  • HTMLNbsp (&nbsp;) as Shift + Space
  • HTMLParagraph (<p>) as Ctrl + Enter

Suggested Keyboard Shortcut Changes

Ctrl + D: inserting the current date is something I rarely use, so I have this key delete the current line instead

  • Old command: EditDate
  • New command: EditDeleteLine

F5: if you don't use the cliptext or directory windows you may want this key to reload the current document

  • Old command: ViewToggleFocus
  • New command: DocReload