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This is a list of bugs and other issues which are known to exist in the current release of Editplus. Hopefully these will be addressed in future versions. Before adding something here you should ascertain that Sangil Kim has acknowledged that the issue exists.

Unicode Characters with negative width

Unicode has several subranges which include characters with negative width (when used they overlay the preceding character). These include:

  • Combining Diacritical marks (U+0300 - U+033F)
  • Some Tonos character used in Greek
  • Four diacriticals used in Cyrillic
  • Vowels in Devanagari
  • Vowels in Tamil
  • Vowels in Thai

As of version 2.3x, Editplus treats all character widths as positive when determining cursor position, but the text will be rendered correctly by the operating system, resulting in the cursor appearing in the wrong place (to the right) in text containing negative-width characters. Effects include odd spacing, invisibility of selected text and difficulty positioning the cursor to select, paste or edit. Sangil hopes to address this issue in a future version.