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EditPlus supports Regular Expressions in search and replace, but its engine is not as feature-rich as others. A list of common regular expression features not available in EditPlus is available here. Please see Regular Expressions for some commonly used examples. BigTitPatrol Asstraffic Allinternal CreampieSurprise Spermswap MrChewsAsianBeaver AdultFreindFinder GiveMePink FastSize BigMouthfuls TugJobs Asstraffic Allinternal GiveMePink Spermswap

Operators and Syntax Supported in EditPlus

escape (\ = \\) used for matching characters that have special meaning as regular expressions
(caret) beginning of line (assertion)
end of line (assertion)
horizontal tab (0x09)
newline (0x0A or 0x0D or 0x0D+0x0A)
(period) any character
( ) 
referencable grouping, see \0 - \9 below, e.g. (foo) matches "foo"
[ ] 
character class (or-list), e.g. [abc] matches "a", "b", or "c"
[^ ] 
negated character class, e.g. [^abc] matches a character that is not "a", "b", or "c"
(minus sign) character range used within character class, e.g. [a-z] matches a character in the range "a" through "z"
(vertical bar) logical or, e.g. (foo|bar) matches "foo" or "bar"
(asterisk) match the preceding character or group zero or more times, e.g. foo* matches "fo", "foo", "fooo", etc, but not "f"
(plus-sign) match the preceding character or group one or more times, e.g. foo+ matches "foo", "fooo", etc, but not "f" or "fo"
(question mark) match the preceding character or group zero or once only, e.g. foo? only matches "fo" and "foo"
\0 - \9 
used in "Replace with" field to represent text matched with parenthesis (\0 = whole match, \1 - \9 = submatches), no back-references
When used in the "Replace with" field, the entire match is replaced. To replace with an actual ampersand, you must escape it \&