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The following page describes some common regular expression syntax/operators not available in EditPlus. Please see Regular expression syntax for supported options and Regular Expressions for examples of regular expressions commonly used in EditPlus. BigTitPatrol Asstraffic Allinternal CreampieSurprise Spermswap MrChewsAsianBeaver AdultFreindFinder GiveMePink FastSize BigMouthfuls TugJobs Asstraffic Allinternal GiveMePink Spermswap

Operators and Synax Not Supported in EditPlus

match foo exactly num times
foo{min, max
match foo at least min and at most max times, both optional
0x07, BEL
0x0C, formfeed
0x0D, carriage return, see \n
0x1B, ESC
0xfoo, hexadecimal character reference
whitespace character, use [ \t\n]
non-whitespace character, use [^ \t\n]
decimal digit, use [0-9]
not a decimal digit, use [^0-9]
word character, letter, for English use [A-z]
non-word character, non-letter, for English use [^A-z]
[[:alpha:]], [[:lower:]], [[:upper:]], [[:alnum:]], [[:digit:]], [[:xdigit:]], [[:punct:]], [[:graph:]], [[:print:]], [[:blank:]], [[:space:]] 
predefined character classes (POSIX)
word boundary (assertion)
not a word boundary (assertion)
subject start (assertion), use ^
subject end (assertion), use [\n$]
subject end (assertion), use $
assertions other than ^ and $ 
parts of patterns that are not added to matches:
positive assertion
negative assertion
(?<=foo), (?<!foo
look-behind assertion
(?>=foo), (?>!foo
look-ahead assertion, once-only sub-pattern
(?(foo)true), (?(foo)true|false
conditional sub-pattern, foo being either the number of a sub-pattern or an assertion
foo) : grouping, non-referencable
(?ifoo), (?mfoo), (?sfoo), (?xfoo
inline modifiers
recursive pattern