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Latest Version

v2.21 available from the Download Page or the EditPlus anonymous FTP.

Latest Patch

Patch for the lastest release.

DATE: 2006-03-22 BUILD: 381


  • On the FTP upload status, cancel button could cause program crash.
  • Word wrap could be wrong when deleting text.
  • Find and replace on column selection could cause program crash.
  • 'Force displaying hidden files' FTP option caused problem with VMS servers.
  • Keystroke recordings did not work with the Tabs to Spaces command.
  • Adds 'Document'->'File Format Multiple' as a separate command.
  • 'Warn if server doesn't respond in 10 sec.' option (FTP Settings).
  • Some Hangul IME did not work correctly.
  • sftp could not handle servers which send SSH_MSG_IGNORE packet.
  • FTP did not work correctly with some Mac servers.
  • Program could crash with some syntax files.

Upcoming version

v2.30, currently a beta.

Beta releases

Beta releases are available for beta testers only.

They can be downloaded from which is password protected.

To become a betatester and get a password, you must be a registered user of the current version and apply here:


See the Localization page for EditPlus translated into other languages.

What's New in Version 2.21

This version is a bug-fix release which incorporates the previous patch builds.


  • 'Force displaying hidden files' option (FTP Settings).
  • 'Show Mapped Drive Names' option (Directory Window popup menu).
  • Sort button added on the FTP Settings dialog box.
  • $(DirWin) 'Directory Window directory' argument macro added.
  • $(FilePathNoDrv) File path without drive name argument macro added.
  • Displays warning if existing copy is newer than saving file.
  • Lock File option is now persistent.
  • 'File Open dialog restores previous directory' option (Preferences->General).
  • Toolbar buttons for Load/Close Project commands.

Bug Fixes

  • Program would crash if text-to-speech software such as Narrator was running.
  • If Recent Files list had invalid remote file name, program could crash.
  • Program could crash with some sftp servers.
  • Removing file type from Settings & syntax dialog could cause program crash.
  • Split Lines command could cause program crash.
  • Long FTP directory name could cause program crash.
  • Customize Data/Time command could cause program crash.
  • Trying to Save read-only Unicode file could cause program crash.
  • Document Template in UTF-8 encoding could cause program crash.
  • Find in Files could cause program crash with very large files.
  • Save As could cause program crash if File Extensions option was empty.
  • Change Case commands did not work correctly with non-ASCII characters.
  • Keystroke recording did not work correctly with multi-byte characters.
  • Tab to Spaces command did not work correctly with multi-byte characters.
  • On the Spell Checker, Replace All button did not work correctly.
  • Associate in Explorer option did not work correctly.
  • Reformat did not work correctly with multi-byte characters.
  • Printer font could not be changed.
  • 'Settings & syntax'->'Column Markers'->'Show Markers' option did not work
  • FTP could not list files of some directory names.
  • FTP did not work on VMS servers.
  • FTP file list was not correct with some AIX servers.
  • 'More' button on Replace dialog box did not work correctly.
  • Some argument macro did not work if there was no open file.
  • Locked files were not detected as read-only.
  • Fill Column command did not work correctly with horizontally scrolled text.
  • Improved compatibility for some Chinese IME.
  • $(FileDir) argument macro did not work with remote files.
  • User tool did not work with some batch files.
  • Some file with Big5 char set name could not be opened.
  • Character Count command displays result as both Unicode and ANSI.

What's New in version 2.20


  • Supports multiple languages in single Unicode or UTF-8 file.
  • Experimental 'Use sftp' option (File->FTP->FTP Settings).
  • Embedded script uses its own auto-completion.
  • #AUTOCASE=y section added in stx file for automatic case correction.
  • Allows auto-completion upon Enter key.
  • #REGEX_QUOTE=/ section in perl.stx and js.stx for regular expression literals.
  • Supports #HEREDOC=<<EOF section in the syntax file for heredoc strings.
  • Syntax highlighting for Perl handles POD.
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML handles <![CDATA[ tag.
  • 'Create/Rename/Delete Directory' command on the Directory Window.
  • 'Open Selection' command (File->Others)
  • Increases number of column marker to 10.
  • Displays FTP server name.on the Recent Files also.
  • Holding Shift key with 'Replace All' button disables Undo feature.
  • 'Backup file extension' option (Preferences->Files)
  • 'Properties' command on the Directory Window popup menu.
  • 'View in Browser' command on the Directory Window popup menu.
  • 'Sort' option on the Function List dialog box
  • -pr project_name command line option for selecting project.
  • Toolbar buttons for Reload, Lock Files, Close All command.
  • $(Copy) argument macro to copy selection before running user tool.
  • $(Prompt) argument macro for user tool.
  • Shows a delete confirmation when it is turned off with Recycle Bin.
  • 'Text filter to Output Window' option (Preferences->User tools).
  • Max. number of project increased to 70.
  • 'Show Markers' option on the Set Column Marker dialog box.
  • Resizable Open Remote dialog box.
  • Code page option for new files (Preferences->Files).

Bug Fixes

  • Upload command could cause error message on program exit.
  • 'Copy Append' could cause program crash.
  • New version crashed if the old version had the maximum 30 syntax settings.
  • 'Always apply wrap' option caused program crash when printing selection.
  • 'Leading Spaces to Tabs' command over a selection could crash program.
  • 'Matching Brace' option could cause program crash in some cases.
  • Overwrite prompt on the Save as Remote dialog box did not work in some cases.
  • 'Duplicate Char' command did not work with variable-width fonts.
  • Shortcut key for Directory popup menu could not be set.
  • Align commands did not work in word wrap mode.
  • Improved warning message for large files.
  • 'Stop' command on the output window did not work in some cases.
  • FTP file date was not displayed correctly in same cases.
  • Perl syntax highlighting was not correct with $' and $" symbol.
  • Regular expression '\n' did not work correctly in some cases.
  • Regular expression [^] (not in range) did not work with case sensitive option.
  • Firewall option did not work.
  • Line Comment command sometimes did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • Match Brace did not work with embedded script inside quotes.
  • Toggling browser and editor with remote files did not work correctly.
  • Keystroke recording did not support Find in Files command.
  • Matching brace feature did not work correctly at the end of wrapped line.
  • Syntax highlighting in some cases failed at the column 4097.
  • FTP file list was not correct on some AIX FTP servers.
  • Matching Brace feature did not work correctly in some cases.
  • 'Delete Marked Lines' command did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • Change Case commands on column selection could append trailing spaces.
  • A screen update problem fixed with custom active line color.