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Latest Version

v2.30 (286) available from the Download Page or the EditPlus anonymous FTP.

Latest Patch

DATE: 2006-12-09 BUILD: 315

Patches can be downloaded from Patch

Bug Fixes

  • -cursor command-line option could cause program crash.
  • Ctrl+'drag and drop' did not work in some case.
  • Multi-line regexp did not work correctly.
  • Word by word selection did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • 'Capitalize' command could not recognize apostrophe.
  • On Open Remote dialog box, ".." icon did not work with some servers.

Upcoming version

None, at the moment.

Beta releases

Beta releases are available for beta testers only.

They can be downloaded from which is password protected.

To become a betatester and get a password, you must be a registered user of the current version and apply here:


See the Localization page for EditPlus translated into other languages.

What's New in Version 2.30


  • Code Folding based on line indentation (View->Code Folding).
  • 'Copy as HTML' command (Edit->Clipboard).
  • 'Search Document', 'Search All Open Files' command (Edit->Insert).
  • $(WindwList) argument macro supports 'Create temp file of remote file' option.
  • 'Use XHTML tags' option (Preferences->General).
  • Setup program supports 'Store configuration files in my profile directory' option.
  • 'Sum' command (Tools).
  • 'View in Browser 2' command (View).
  • 'Create File' command (Directory Window).
  • 'Default encoding' option (Preferences->Files).
  • 'Beginning page number' option (Preferences->Print).
  • Holding down the Shift key when deleting file bypasses the Recycle Bin.
  • Backup File Directory option allows environment variable.
  • 'Warn if server doesn't respond in 10 sec.' option (FTP Settings).
  • Adds 'Document'->'File Format Multiple' as a separate command.
  • Toolbar button for 'File Directory', 'Monitor Clipbaord', 'Set Read Only'.
  • 'Use system font in dialog box' option (Preferences->Fonts).
  • 'Trim trailing spaces on save' option (Preferences->Settings & syntax).
  • 'UTf-8 signature' option (Preferences->files).
  • Supports Unicode big endian files.
  • 'Always on Top' command (Window).
  • 'Find in Directory' command (Directory Window);

Bug Fixes

  • On the FTP upload status, cancel button could cause program crash.
  • Word wrap could be wrong when deleting text.
  • Find and replace on column selection could cause program crash.
  • 'Force displaying hidden files' FTP option caused problem with VMS servers.
  • Keystroke recordings did not work with the Tabs to Spaces command.
  • Some Hangul IME did not work correctly.
  • sftp could not handle servers which send SSH_MSG_IGNORE packet.
  • FTP did not work correctly with some Mac servers.
  • Program could crash with some syntax files.
  • Duplicate Char command did not work correctly in some cases.
  • NTFS File summaries were not preserved on file save.
  • Clicking '..' on Open Remote dialog box did not work with VMS servers.

What's New in Version 2.21

This version is a bug-fix release which incorporates the previous patch builds.


  • 'Force displaying hidden files' option (FTP Settings).
  • 'Show Mapped Drive Names' option (Directory Window popup menu).
  • Sort button added on the FTP Settings dialog box.
  • $(DirWin) 'Directory Window directory' argument macro added.
  • $(FilePathNoDrv) File path without drive name argument macro added.
  • Displays warning if existing copy is newer than saving file.
  • Lock File option is now persistent.
  • 'File Open dialog restores previous directory' option (Preferences->General).
  • Toolbar buttons for Load/Close Project commands.

Bug Fixes

  • Program would crash if text-to-speech software such as Narrator was running.
  • If Recent Files list had invalid remote file name, program could crash.
  • Program could crash with some sftp servers.
  • Removing file type from Settings & syntax dialog could cause program crash.
  • Split Lines command could cause program crash.
  • Long FTP directory name could cause program crash.
  • Customize Data/Time command could cause program crash.
  • Trying to Save read-only Unicode file could cause program crash.
  • Document Template in UTF-8 encoding could cause program crash.
  • Find in Files could cause program crash with very large files.
  • Save As could cause program crash if File Extensions option was empty.
  • Change Case commands did not work correctly with non-ASCII characters.
  • Keystroke recording did not work correctly with multi-byte characters.
  • Tab to Spaces command did not work correctly with multi-byte characters.
  • On the Spell Checker, Replace All button did not work correctly.
  • Associate in Explorer option did not work correctly.
  • Reformat did not work correctly with multi-byte characters.
  • Printer font could not be changed.
  • 'Settings & syntax'->'Column Markers'->'Show Markers' option did not work
  • FTP could not list files of some directory names.
  • FTP did not work on VMS servers.
  • FTP file list was not correct with some AIX servers.
  • 'More' button on Replace dialog box did not work correctly.
  • Some argument macro did not work if there was no open file.
  • Locked files were not detected as read-only.
  • Fill Column command did not work correctly with horizontally scrolled text.
  • Improved compatibility for some Chinese IME.
  • $(FileDir) argument macro did not work with remote files.
  • User tool did not work with some batch files.
  • Some file with Big5 char set name could not be opened.
  • Character Count command displays result as both Unicode and ANSI.

What's New in version 2.20


  • Supports multiple languages in single Unicode or UTF-8 file.
  • Experimental 'Use sftp' option (File->FTP->FTP Settings).
  • Embedded script uses its own auto-completion.
  • #AUTOCASE=y section added in stx file for automatic case correction.
  • Allows auto-completion upon Enter key.
  • #REGEX_QUOTE=/ section in perl.stx and js.stx for regular expression literals.
  • Supports #HEREDOC=<<EOF section in the syntax file for heredoc strings.
  • Syntax highlighting for Perl handles POD.
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML handles <![CDATA[ tag.
  • 'Create/Rename/Delete Directory' command on the Directory Window.
  • 'Open Selection' command (File->Others)
  • Increases number of column marker to 10.
  • Displays FTP server name.on the Recent Files also.
  • Holding Shift key with 'Replace All' button disables Undo feature.
  • 'Backup file extension' option (Preferences->Files)
  • 'Properties' command on the Directory Window popup menu.
  • 'View in Browser' command on the Directory Window popup menu.
  • 'Sort' option on the Function List dialog box
  • -pr project_name command line option for selecting project.
  • Toolbar buttons for Reload, Lock Files, Close All command.
  • $(Copy) argument macro to copy selection before running user tool.
  • $(Prompt) argument macro for user tool.
  • Shows a delete confirmation when it is turned off with Recycle Bin.
  • 'Text filter to Output Window' option (Preferences->User tools).
  • Max. number of project increased to 70.
  • 'Show Markers' option on the Set Column Marker dialog box.
  • Resizable Open Remote dialog box.
  • Code page option for new files (Preferences->Files).

Bug Fixes

  • Upload command could cause error message on program exit.
  • 'Copy Append' could cause program crash.
  • New version crashed if the old version had the maximum 30 syntax settings.
  • 'Always apply wrap' option caused program crash when printing selection.
  • 'Leading Spaces to Tabs' command over a selection could crash program.
  • 'Matching Brace' option could cause program crash in some cases.
  • Overwrite prompt on the Save as Remote dialog box did not work in some cases.
  • 'Duplicate Char' command did not work with variable-width fonts.
  • Shortcut key for Directory popup menu could not be set.
  • Align commands did not work in word wrap mode.
  • Improved warning message for large files.
  • 'Stop' command on the output window did not work in some cases.
  • FTP file date was not displayed correctly in same cases.
  • Perl syntax highlighting was not correct with $' and $" symbol.
  • Regular expression '\n' did not work correctly in some cases.
  • Regular expression [^] (not in range) did not work with case sensitive option.
  • Firewall option did not work.
  • Line Comment command sometimes did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • Match Brace did not work with embedded script inside quotes.
  • Toggling browser and editor with remote files did not work correctly.
  • Keystroke recording did not support Find in Files command.
  • Matching brace feature did not work correctly at the end of wrapped line.
  • Syntax highlighting in some cases failed at the column 4097.
  • FTP file list was not correct on some AIX FTP servers.
  • Matching Brace feature did not work correctly in some cases.
  • 'Delete Marked Lines' command did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • Change Case commands on column selection could append trailing spaces.
  • A screen update problem fixed with custom active line color.

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