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Latest Version

v2.31 (406) available from the Download Page or the EditPlus anonymous FTP.


Run the executable installer.

Latest Patch

No patch file is available at this moment.

Patches can be downloaded from EditPlus Patches page


Extract the files in the ZIP compressed patch file into the EditPlus installation directory.

Upcoming version

None, currently.

Beta releases

Beta releases are available for beta testers only.

They can be downloaded from which is password protected.

To become a betatester and get a password, you must be a registered user of the current version and apply here:


See the Localization page for EditPlus translated into other languages.

What's New in Version 2.31

This is a bug patch release which accumulates previous bug patch files.

  • -cursor command-line option could cause program crash.
  • Ctrl+'drag and drop' did not work in some case.
  • Multi-line regexp did not work correctly.
  • Word by word selection did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • 'Capitalize' command could not recognize apostrophe.
  • On Open Remote dialog box, ".." icon did not work with some servers.
  • Directory Window could not handle some Japanese characters.
  • Collapse command with column selection could cause program crash.
  • @LANGUAGE=VBScript directive could break JavaScript syntax colors.
  • Find in Files could cause program crash with very large files.
  • 'Dialog font' option added on the Function List.
  • Fixes false file modification warnings on some network drives.
  • 'Disconnect automatically' option did not work correctly.
  • 'Include directory names' backup option added.
  • 'USER with no logon' firewall option did not work correctly.
  • 'Save Window Width' command added (Window->Others).
  • 'Copy as HTML' was always in uppercase.
  • 'Reformat' command did not work correctly with some Japanese files.
  • 'Stretch' command added (Window->Others).
  • Regular expression search could cause infinite loop.
  • Fixes "Unexpected Error GLP".
  • Some mouse wheel didn't work on Windows Vista.
  • 'Include date and time' backup option added.
  • Prevents possible browser refresh problem on network drive.
  • Custom output pattern did not work with unsaved buffer.
  • Open Selection command could not handle trailing white spaces.
  • On Open Remote dialog box, ".." icon did not work with some servers.
  • 'View in Browser 2' did not work with the 'other browser' option.
  • Fixes screen scroll bug when turning on/off the word wrap option.
  • Fixes cursor indicator bug with the Page Up/Down key.
  • System default browser option didn't work correctly on Windows Vista.

What's New in Version 2.30


  • Code Folding based on line indentation (View->Code Folding).
  • 'Copy as HTML' command (Edit->Clipboard).
  • 'Search Document', 'Search All Open Files' command (Edit->Insert).
  • $(WindwList) argument macro supports 'Create temp file of remote file' option.
  • 'Use XHTML tags' option (Preferences->General).
  • Setup program supports 'Store configuration files in my profile directory' option.
  • 'Sum' command (Tools).
  • 'View in Browser 2' command (View).
  • 'Create File' command (Directory Window).
  • 'Default encoding' option (Preferences->Files).
  • 'Beginning page number' option (Preferences->Print).
  • Holding down the Shift key when deleting file bypasses the Recycle Bin.
  • Backup File Directory option allows environment variable.
  • 'Warn if server doesn't respond in 10 sec.' option (FTP Settings).
  • Adds 'Document'->'File Format Multiple' as a separate command.
  • Toolbar button for 'File Directory', 'Monitor Clipbaord', 'Set Read Only'.
  • 'Use system font in dialog box' option (Preferences->Fonts).
  • 'Trim trailing spaces on save' option (Preferences->Settings & syntax).
  • 'UTf-8 signature' option (Preferences->files).
  • Supports Unicode big endian files.
  • 'Always on Top' command (Window).
  • 'Find in Directory' command (Directory Window);

Bug Fixes

  • On the FTP upload status, cancel button could cause program crash.
  • Word wrap could be wrong when deleting text.
  • Find and replace on column selection could cause program crash.
  • 'Force displaying hidden files' FTP option caused problem with VMS servers.
  • Keystroke recordings did not work with the Tabs to Spaces command.
  • Some Hangul IME did not work correctly.
  • sftp could not handle servers which send SSH_MSG_IGNORE packet.
  • FTP did not work correctly with some Mac servers.
  • Program could crash with some syntax files.
  • Duplicate Char command did not work correctly in some cases.
  • NTFS File summaries were not preserved on file save.
  • Clicking '..' on Open Remote dialog box did not work with VMS servers.

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