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Latest Version

v3.00 (build 323, patched to 336) available from the Download Page or the EditPlus anonymous FTP.
Released on February, 11 2008

Version notes (unofficial)

  • EditPlus v3 only works on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, and loses compatibility with Windows 95, 98, and ME. If you have an old Windows system you can't upgrade to EditPlus 3.
  • EditPlus 3 saves files differently than EditPlus 2: now it opens the file and overwrites it, which means saved files are no longer moved at the end of the file list in the folder by Windows.
  • For beta testers: EditPlus v3.00 released on 2008-02-11 is different from EditPlus 3.00 beta build 323 (2008-02-06) ("Release Candidate 7"): although there are no new features or bug fixes, it no longer says "beta" in the About message box.


For installation on computers that do not have EditPlus version 2 installed:

1. Run the executable installer, selecting the directories in which INI (settings) and syntax (STX) files should be installed. (Auto-complete (ACP) and cliptext (CTX) files will go in the same directory as syntax files.)

For Installation on computers that have EditPlus version 2 installed:

1. Do not uninstall version 2. Versions 2 and 3 can co-exist on the same computer.

2. Install version 3 as described above.

3. Copy any non-standard syntax, auto-complete, and cliptext files from the version 2 installation to the location chosen for version 3.

4. Optionally, uninstall version 2 after confirming that version 3 works as desired.

Latest Patch

DATE: 2008-02-19 BUILD: 336

Fixed bugs

  • The default encoding of open file follows system language instead of keyboard language.
  • User tool setting could not handle more than 500 characters.
  • Increases max number of projects to 200.
  • 'New' command on the Cliptext Window did not work.

Patches can be downloaded from EditPlus Patches page


Extract the files contained inside the ZIP compressed patch file into the EditPlus installation directory.

Upcoming version

None at the moment.

Beta releases

Beta releases are available to beta testers only.

They can be downloaded from which is password protected.

To become a betatester and get a password, you must be a registered user of the current version and apply here:


See the Localization page for EditPlus translated into other languages.

What's New in Version 3.00

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features

  • Improved Unicode compatibility.
  • 'Enable visual style for toolbars' option ('Preferences'->'Tools').
  • 'Match Tag'/'Select Tag' command ('Search' menu).
  • Allows drag and drop for the Document Selector tabs.
  • Automatically adjusts the number of rows on the Document Selector.
  • 'Restore cursor/markers/encoding of recent files' option ('Preferences'->'General').
  • Automatically adds file extension if the file type has only one extension.
  • 'Rename' command ('File'->'Others').
  • 'Current project' option in the Find in Files dialog box.
  • 'An additional file name (allows * and ?)' option ('Preferences'->'Settings & syntax'->'More').
  • Supports secondary function pattern option.
  • 'Toggle Folding' command ('View'->'Code Folding').
  • 'Add Dir' button on the 'Preferences'->'Project'.
  • Supports 'Sort' button on the Window List.
  • Supports 'Copy Name' button on the Window List.
  • Function Pattern dialog box supports 'Partial display' option.
  • 'Previous' button instead of Up/Down on the Find dialog box.
  • $(AppDir) argument macro added.
  • Supports font option for the Document Selector.
  • Supports auto save as *.tmp file for unnamed buffers.
  • 'Up'/'Down' button on the Window List supports multiple selections.
  • Duplicate Line command supports multi-line selection.
  • 'Open Selection' command supports multi-line selection.
  • Native support for tilt wheel on Vista.
  • Supports horizontal scroll by SHIFT + mouse wheel.
  • -wd command line option for specifying directory to save the workspace.
  • 'Transparent' command ('Window'->'Others').
  • 'Remove from Project' command ('Project'->'Manage Project').
  • Supports 'Up'/'Down' button on the 'Preferences'->'Settings & syntax' dialog box.
  • 'Copy URL' command ('Edit'->'Clipboard' menu).
  • 'User tool group' option on the 'Preferences'->'Project' dialog box.
  • 'Move Up/Down' command ('Edit'->'Others').
  • 'Change File Encoding'/'File Encoding Multiple' commands ('Document'->'File Encoding').
  • Displays current project name on the title bar.
  • 'Next/Prev Project' command ('Project'->'Manage Project').
  • Allows CHMOD on multiple files.
  • 'Allow Drag & Drop' option ('Edit'->'Others').
  • New toolbar buttons: Find Next/Prev Word, Toggle Folding, Sum, Last Visited, Character Count.

Bug fixes

  • FTP status of 100% could cause program crash.
  • Some sftp servers could cause program freeze.
  • Regular expression in Find in Files dialog box could cause program crash.
  • 'Save wrapped lines with CR/LF' option could corrupt file.
  • Replace All could incorrectly hide folded lines.
  • 'Subdirectory' FTP setting did not work correctly on VMS servers.
  • '$' regular expression did not work correctly.
  • Search Document command could omit some words.
  • Improved Vista UAC compatibility.
  • 'Sum' command could not handle minus value.
  • Fixes display error when selecting by word.
  • Fixes a screen update bug with auto completion in word wrap mode.
  • Extending column selection with 'Shift + click' didn't work.
  • 'Decrease Indent' command did not work correctly with column selections.
  • 'Create File' did not work on disconnected FTP server.
  • Suppresses auto completion in C/C++ preprocessor directives.
  • Keystroke recording could not handle the Insert key.
  • Highlighted matching braces could not be restored when changing focus.
  • Replace dialog box with regex did not work upward.
  • Suppresses combo box auto completion when pasting.
  • 'Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer' didn't work as expected in Vista.
  • Reset button on the 'Preferences'->'Toolbar' did not work correctly.
  • Fixes a bug with the Korean input method editor.