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Latest Version

v3.21 (build ??), released on December 17, 2010, available from the Download Page or the EditPlus anonymous FTP.

Version notes (unofficial)

  • EditPlus 3 only works on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, and loses compatibility with Windows 95, 98, and ME. If you have an old Windows system, you can't upgrade to EditPlus 3.
  • EditPlus 3 saves files differently than EditPlus 2: Now it opens the file and overwrites it, which means saved files are no longer moved to the end of the file list in the folder by Windows.


For installation on computers that do not have EditPlus version 2 installed:

1. Run the executable installer, selecting the directories in which INI (settings) and syntax (STX) files should be installed. (Auto-complete (ACP) and cliptext (CTX) files will go in the same directory as syntax files.)

For Installation on computers that have EditPlus version 2 installed:

1. Do not uninstall version 2. Versions 2 and 3 can co-exist on the same computer.

2. Install version 3 as described above.

3. Copy any non-standard syntax, auto-complete, and cliptext files from the version 2 installation to the location chosen for version 3.

4. Optionally, uninstall version 2 after confirming that version 3 works as desired.

Latest Patch

Patch file to bring the build up 761. Released on January 25, 2011.

Patches can be downloaded from EditPlus Patches page


Extract the files contained inside the ZIP compressed patch file into the EditPlus installation directory.

Upcoming version

None at the moment.

Beta releases

Beta releases are available to beta testers only.

They can be downloaded from which is password protected.

To become a betatester and get a password, you must be a registered user of the current version and apply here:


See the Localization page for EditPlus translated into other languages.

Patch file for v3.21

Source: Troubleshootings page on EditPlus official website


  • The Status Bar couldn't display help messages.
  • 'Add to Project' command in the Directory Window didn't work correctly.
  • 'Edit'->'Insert'->'Cliptext' commands could cause program crash.
  • New toolbar buttons for user tools.
  • Supports 'Use Pageant' option for sftp.
  • Internal browser supports IE8 and IE9.
  • Internal browser supports displaying the information bar.
  • Internal browser now opens new window as a tab.
  • Fixes the Status Bar with the Hex Viewer and the Browser Window.
  • 'Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer' option didn't work.
  • 'View'->'Matching Brace' option could suspend the program in long lines.
  • Combobox 'auto append' option ('Preferences'->'General').
  • Previous patch build could not display a few English UI elements.
  • View in Browser shouldn't run php if 'web server root directory' option is set.

What's New in Version 3.21

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features

  • 'Use TR1 regular expression' option ('Preferences'->'General').
  • Customizable toolbar icon for User Tools.
  • 'User tool group' option in the Setting & syntax dialog box.
  • Supports floating window for Output Window and Cliptext/Directory Window.
  • Allows dropping files on the Directory Window.
  • 'Add to Project' command in the Directory Window.
  • 'Copy'/'Move' button on the FTP Settings dialog box.
  • Allows negative value in the line space option.
  • Hides horizontal scrollbar in word wrap mode.
  • Allows saving read-only files.

Bug fixes

  • 'Color' button on the HTML Toolbar could cause program crash.
  • 'Delete Duplicated Lines' command on selected text could cause program crash.
  • Selecting 'Open Files'/'Project' from the Directory Window could cause program crash.
  • 'Continue to next file' option on the Find dialog box could cause infinite loop.
  • sftp keyboard-interactive authentication didn't work if password was empty in the setting.
  • File association could cause error message from Explorer.
  • Fixes unusually slow regex search in large files.
  • Preferences dialog box could drop keyboard input on Korean keyboard.
  • Fixes program delay with the Fonts dialog box.
  • Fixes memory leak with the 'Preferences'->'Fonts' dialog box.
  • Deleting remote directory from the Directory Window could cause memory leak.
  • 'Search Cliptext' command could cause memory leak.
  • On Directory Window, context menu shortcut key shifted down the selection.
  • Changing FTP group in the FTP Setting dialog box from Open Remote did not work correctly.
  • Find dialog box didn't work correctly when moving focus to next split pane.
  • 'File Open dialog restores previous directory' option didn't work.
  • Modifying the file path in the Project dialog box didn't work.
  • 'Remove duplicates' option in the Sort dialog box didn't work with descending order.
  • 'Larger/Smaller Font Size' command didn't work with Custom 1 - 5 fonts.
  • Repeating answer on encoding warning didn't work correctly.
  • Restoring word wrap state didn't work with the 'Wrap after format column number' option.
  • URL highlighting could broke on '(' or ')'.
  • If line space was not 0, Hex Viewer screen could be drawn incorrectly.
  • If line space was not 0, URL highlighting could work incorrectly.
  • On Windows XP classic theme, some color schemes could draw grayed buttons incorrectly.
  • Switching off the 'Sort' option on the Cliptext window restores original order.
  • 'Help'->'Feedback and Support' menu command didn't work.
  • Makes the Sort option on the Function List case insensitive.
  • 'Tile Horizontal/Vertical' command follows Selector Window button order.
  • HTML Toolbar state could not be restored in normal documents.
  • In the Open Remote dialog box, Alt+A mnemonic didn't work.

What's New in Version 3.20

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features

  • Hex viewer ('File'->'Open'->'Encoding')
  • Supports FTP Groups.
  • Windows 7 style File Open/Save dialog box.
  • Polished UI elements.
  • 'Cliptext' option added to the 'Settings & syntax' dialog box.
  • 'Text to Speech' command (Tools menu).
  • 'Load project files on selected' option on the Project dialog box.
  • ^@ inserts current date in the Cliptext.
  • Cliptext supports removing text around the hotspot.
  • Restores word wrap status for recent documents.
  • Restores window split status for recent documents.
  • 'Minimize as Tray Icon' menu option ('Window'->'Others').
  • -m command line option for 'run minimized'.
  • Supports #NUMBER_PATTERN=pas, #NUMBER_PATTERN=asm in the syntax file.
  • 'Insert File' command allows inserting multiple files.
  • System code page list shows 'EUC-JP' if available.
  • 'Numeric sort' option added to the Sort dialog box.
  • Ctrl+Enter key inserts a blank line.
  • Toolbar button for 'ANSI to HTML Entity' command.
  • Moves the 'Embedded script' color option to the 'Preferences'->'Colors' dialog box.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes incorrect maximized window on Windows 7 secondary monitor.
  • EditPlus wouldn't start up when toolbar settings were wrong.
  • 'Sort' on column selection could cause program crash.
  • URL highlight did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
  • 'Set Directories' dialog box could not accept environment variables.
  • The directory view could not handle Enter key.
  • When renaming in the directory tree, Esc key did not work.
  • 'Go to URL' command could not handle non-English letters.
  • Fixes a bug for the line space option.
  • 'Sort' option on the Project dialog box was not persistent.
  • Selections in 'Fixedsys' font could not display line breaks correctly.
  • When saving new file, if path includes '.', txt file extension could not be added automatically.

What's New in Version 3.12

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features


  • Restores folding state for recent files.
  • 'Continue to next file' option on the Find dialog box.
  • Directory window keeps previously opened folder icons.
  • Directory Window supports displaying open file list.
  • Larger/Smaller Font Size command ('View'->'Screen Font').
  • Supports UTF-8 text in the Output Window.
  • #NESTED_COMMENT=y syntax file statement for nested comments.
  • Color option for marked lines ('Preferences'->'Colors')
  • Allows Ctrl+A key in the Window List and Directory Window.
  • 'Web server root directory' option accepts https://
  • 'Turn off sounds' option ('Preferences'->'General').
  • 'Show full path in the title bar' option ('Preferences'->'Layout').
  • -s command line option (Syntax directory).
  • Toolbar button for Playback Multiple.
  • Toolbar button for the 'Document'->'Auto Complete' option.
  • Increases max file type number to 50.
  • Horizontal scrollbar for the directory pane.
  • 'Show Current Folder Only' option (Directory popup menu).

Bug fixes

  • Canceling FTP upload could cause program crash.
  • 'Delete Blank Lines' command could cause program crash.
  • Auto Run user tool could not play keystroke recordings.
  • Installer could display a warning message on Windows 7.
  • Fixes incorrect cursor movement in Thai language.

What's New in Version 3.11

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features

  • 'Send PWD after each interval' FTP option.
  • Allows custom file filter on the Directory Window.
  • 'Save current file' option for user tool setting.
  • 'FTP account' option on the Project dialog box.
  • 'Directory name' option in the Project dialog box.
  • Upload dialog box accepts drag and drop.
  • 'Undo/Redo All' commands ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
  • 'Delete Empty Lines' command ('Edit'->'Delete').
  • 'Delete Duplicated Lines' command ('Edit'->'Delete').
  • Supports syntax highlighting of backup files.
  • Allows multiple selections on the Output Window.
  • 'Import/Export' button on the 'Set Directories' dialog box.
  • Toolbar button for 'Close Others'.

Bug fixes

  • Cancel button on the FTP transfer screen works immediately.
  • Directory Window did not work with certain file extensions.
  • Displays 'Remove Leading Spaces' command in the popup menu too.

What's New in Version 3.10

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features

  • Visual Style for toolbar background
  • 'Exclude' option added on the Find in Files.
  • 'Cache directory content' added on the FTP Settings dialog box.
  • 'Find Window' command (Window menu).
  • 'Next/Prev Function' commands (Search menu).
  • Supports align of column selection.
  • Allows decimal point for 'auto save interval'.
  • Document Selector setting for max/min number of rows ('Preferences'->'Layout').
  • 'Close Others' command added to the Document Selector.
  • Resizable project dialog box.
  • 'Show project name on the title bar' option ('Project'->'Edit Project').
  • 'No Recent File list' option ('Preferences'->'Files').
  • 'Invert Markers' command ('Search'->'Markers').
  • 'Reload All' command ('File'->'Others').
  • 'Check the Latin alphabet only' spell checker option.
  • 'Stop at the end of file' option for the 'Playback Multiple' command.
  • 'Stay open' option on the Function List dialog box.
  • 'Next/Prev Document Row' command ('Window'->'Others').
  • 'Always binary type for gif, jpg, png files' option (Upload dialog box).
  • 'Remove Line' command (Output Window).
  • 'Remove Leading Spaces' command ('Edit'->'Format').
  • 'Close if found' option (Find dialog box).
  • 'Cliptext Item 1 - 10' commands ('Edit'->'Cliptext').
  • 'Enable Auto Run Groups' option ('Tools'->'User Tool Groups').

Bug fixes

  • FTP did not work if username contains '@' sign.
  • 'Open With' from Explorer could fail in some cases.
  • sftp could cause stack overflow crash.
  • '(' letter in the remote file name could cause program crash.
  • Code Folding feature could significantly slow down the file loading.
  • Recent Files list had duplicated lists for remote files.
  • 'Rename' could fail if file did not appear on the Directory Window.
  • 'Begin/End Column' did not work correctly with horizontal scroll.
  • 'Tabs to Spaces' conflicted with the code folding feature.
  • Some sftp site could cause program crash.

What's New in Version 3.01

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

This is a bug patch release which accumulates previous bug patch files.

  • The default encoding of open file follows system language instead of keyboard language.
  • User tool setting could not handle more than 500 characters.
  • Increases max number of projects to 500.
  • 'New' command on the Cliptext Window did not work.
  • Default encoding setting did not apply to new document.
  • Upward Regular expression replace did not work correctly.
  • 'Cut Marked Lines' did not work correctly with selected text.
  • -n command-line option did not work with existing instance.
  • Browser menu could temporarily cause program freeze.
  • Regular expression '.' could cause program crash.
  • Supports RSA signature algorithm for sftp.
  • Fixes a keyboard input bug with Korean special characters.
  • Supports 'Auto Run' user tool groups.
  • 'Color' and 'Table' button did not work correctly on secondary monitor.
  • 'Hide output' option for the user tool setting.
  • Supports file type based on the first line of file.
  • 'Keyboard Map' did not display the correct result.
  • Replace in column selection could cause program crash.
  • Opening a file from project could cause program crash if the file does not exist.

What's New in Version 3.00

Source: What's New page on EditPlus official website

New features

  • Improved Unicode compatibility.
  • 'Enable visual style for toolbars' option ('Preferences'->'Tools').
  • 'Match Tag'/'Select Tag' command ('Search' menu).
  • Allows drag and drop for the Document Selector tabs.
  • Automatically adjusts the number of rows on the Document Selector.
  • 'Restore cursor/markers/encoding of recent files' option ('Preferences'->'General').
  • Automatically adds file extension if the file type has only one extension.
  • 'Rename' command ('File'->'Others').
  • 'Current project' option in the Find in Files dialog box.
  • 'An additional file name (allows * and ?)' option ('Preferences'->'Settings & syntax'->'More').
  • Supports secondary function pattern option.
  • 'Toggle Folding' command ('View'->'Code Folding').
  • 'Add Dir' button on the 'Preferences'->'Project'.
  • Supports 'Sort' button on the Window List.
  • Supports 'Copy Name' button on the Window List.
  • Function Pattern dialog box supports 'Partial display' option.
  • 'Previous' button instead of Up/Down on the Find dialog box.
  • $(AppDir) argument macro added.
  • Supports font option for the Document Selector.
  • Supports auto save as *.tmp file for unnamed buffers.
  • 'Up'/'Down' button on the Window List supports multiple selections.
  • Duplicate Line command supports multi-line selection.
  • 'Open Selection' command supports multi-line selection.
  • Native support for tilt wheel on Vista.
  • Supports horizontal scroll by SHIFT + mouse wheel.
  • -wd command line option for specifying directory to save the workspace.
  • 'Transparent' command ('Window'->'Others').
  • 'Remove from Project' command ('Project'->'Manage Project').
  • Supports 'Up'/'Down' button on the 'Preferences'->'Settings & syntax' dialog box.
  • 'Copy URL' command ('Edit'->'Clipboard' menu).
  • 'User tool group' option on the 'Preferences'->'Project' dialog box.
  • 'Move Up/Down' command ('Edit'->'Others').
  • 'Change File Encoding'/'File Encoding Multiple' commands ('Document'->'File Encoding').
  • Displays current project name on the title bar.
  • 'Next/Prev Project' command ('Project'->'Manage Project').
  • Allows CHMOD on multiple files.
  • 'Allow Drag & Drop' option ('Edit'->'Others').
  • New toolbar buttons: Find Next/Prev Word, Toggle Folding, Sum, Last Visited, Character Count.

Bug fixes

  • FTP status of 100% could cause program crash.
  • Some sftp servers could cause program freeze.
  • Regular expression in Find in Files dialog box could cause program crash.
  • 'Save wrapped lines with CR/LF' option could corrupt file.
  • Replace All could incorrectly hide folded lines.
  • 'Subdirectory' FTP setting did not work correctly on VMS servers.
  • '$' regular expression did not work correctly.
  • Search Document command could omit some words.
  • Improved Vista UAC compatibility.
  • 'Sum' command could not handle minus value.
  • Fixes display error when selecting by word.
  • Fixes a screen update bug with auto completion in word wrap mode.
  • Extending column selection with 'Shift + click' didn't work.
  • 'Decrease Indent' command did not work correctly with column selections.
  • 'Create File' did not work on disconnected FTP server.
  • Suppresses auto completion in C/C++ preprocessor directives.
  • Keystroke recording could not handle the Insert key.
  • Highlighted matching braces could not be restored when changing focus.
  • Replace dialog box with regex did not work upward.
  • Suppresses combo box auto completion when pasting.
  • 'Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer' didn't work as expected in Vista.
  • Reset button on the 'Preferences'->'Toolbar' did not work correctly.
  • Fixes a bug with the Korean input method editor.