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Did you realize that your favorite text editor runs on Linux? Well, now you now, so if you've been thinking about making the switch, you're out of excuses.

To get EditPlus working under Linux, you need to install the popular Wine software. Download the EditPlus Windows installer. Then, in a terminal window, browse to the directory where the EditPlus file was downloaded. Invoke this command:

wine ./epp212_en.exe

It will automatically start the installation process, and once it's installed, you need to find where it installed to (somewhere like ~/.wine/fake_windows/Program Files/EditPlus 2/editplus.exe). Go to the directory where editplus.exe was installed (again, in a terminal window) and invoke this command:

wine ./editplus.exe

It should start up for you and you should be good to go!

<insert information about creating desktop launchers, other interesting tidbits for the installation of this program>

Known Bugs

  • Tools>Preferences does not seem to work through Wine. If you wish to edit the preferences, you'll need to hand edit the configuration file located at ????
  • If you happen to be using Synergy at the same time that you're running EditPlus through Wine, and you copy something on a connected Windows box and bring the mouse focus back to Linux, then move the mouse over an open document in EditPlus, EditPlus will crash. It is probably extremely unlikely that you would happen to be running this specific system setup, so this bug will probably not apply to you. Copying and pasting between EditPlus and native Linux programs on the same machine does not appear to be an issue.