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Welcome to the SandBox! This page was created to test out MediaWiki's features, you can generally ignore this page otherwise...

Collision Conflict Test

First off, I wanna test the "automatic headings" option, see if it works. Might be a good way to format large FAQ/Tips 'n Tricks pages that way so it's easier to navigate...

How do I make EditPlus open with a blank document?

  1. Goto Tools > Preferences > General
  2. Check "Create new document on start up"

How do I change the output of the HTML toolbar buttons?

  1. Edit the htmlbar.acp file under Program Files\EditPlus 2

How do I change the default HTML template?

  1. Edit the template.html file under Program Files\EditPlus 2

How do I add PHP to the list under File > New?

  1. Create a new file called template.php and save it in Program Files\EditPlus 2
  2. Select File > New > Configure Templates
  3. Click Add, set "Menu text" to PHP and set the "File path" to the location of template.php

How do I make the HTML toolbar appear when editing a CSS or other file type?

  1. Goto Tools > Preferences > Settings & syntax
  2. Select CSS (or the appropriate file type) under "File types"
  3. Check "Show HTML toolbar"

How do I make EditPlus correctly highlight strings in PHP that contain carriage returns/line feeds?

  1. Edit php.stx under Program Files\EditPlus 2