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This page exists to collect syntax files developed by the EditPlus community. Each link should point to a page containing a single syntax file which can be updated and used. See syntax file format for information on the syntax of the EditPlus syntax files.

Using Custom Syntax Files

  1. Copy the syntax file into EditPlus
  2. Save it in the EditPlus program folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\EditPlus 2\) with a .stx file extension
  3. Under Tools > Preferences > Files > Settings & Syntax, click "Add" on the right
  4. Enter a "Description" for the syntax file type
  5. Enter the appropriate file extensions(s) to trigger custom syntax highlighting as a semicolon-separated list without periods, e.g. html;htm
  6. Enter the path to the syntax file by clicking on the "..." button to the right of the "Syntax file:" text field in the Settings and syntax tab
  7. Optionally adjust the colors used to highlight certain syntax types under the "Syntax colors" tab

Custom Syntax Files

Notes Syntax 
In the absense of wysiwyg "what you see is what you get" features in EditPlus, the notes syntax file provides syntax highlighting for some common textfile note-taking markup such as *bold* and _underline_.

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