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Auto Completion

Suppressing Auto Completion

To suppress Auto Completion, hold down the Windows key or CTRL key and then press Space bar or Enter.

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File Management

Open File in EditPlus on Right-Click "Edit" Function

To have your specific files open in EditPlus when you use the right-click "Edit" function, there is a single registry entry that will be changed.

  • Go to Start-> Run : Type Regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\
  • NOTE The keys you are looking for will be named (file extension)file
   e.g. batfile, htmlfile, vbsfile  etc.
  • In this example, we'll change Batch Script files to auto-open in EditPlus for editing only:
  • Now navigate to .\batfile\shell\edit\command
  • Create a new Expanded String Value and name it BACKUP
  • Copy the Data field from (Default) into BACKUP (Better safe than sorry)
  • Edit (Default) to be the path to editplus.exe (surround the path in quotations if the path contains spaces)
   e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\mechaflash\Application Data\EditPlus 3\editplus.exe" -e %1
  • NOTE %1 must be added after the path to open the file... or else you'll just open the application without the file.
  • NOTE I use the -e switch so that if I already have editplus open and I open another file for editing, the already-open instance of editplus will be utilized to edit this file. You may add any switches you like from the command line page:
  • If you need other file-types, scroll down the list in .\Classes and look for other instances of an association with that file-type. For example, VBS is located in the VBSFile folder, HTML is located in the htmlfile folder.
  • All extended string values will be edited in the shell\edit\command key.

Close all files pressing ESC

To close all files opened into EditPlus by pressing one single key (ESC), go to Tools - Preferences... - Keyboard, then set Types as File, Commands as Close All, and ESC as a shortcut. When pressing ESC all documents will be closed automatically, but you'll be prompted for saving unsaved files first.
If you want also to quit the application, set Commands as Exit (instead of Close All).

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Create ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) lists

To create a list, select all the lines you want to use as items for the list, then go to Edit / Format / Fill Selection, and enter the character to use as a bullet with Fill mode set to Insert for unordered lists, or set Fill mode to Number for ordered lists.

Stupid User Tricks

-Applying EditPlus features to yield humorous results.

Dancing Characters

Type in any of the following pairs of characters:

<> () [] {} oO /\ -_ ;: -~ OQ hn -= pq bd

Insert the cursor between the pair of characters and press Ctrl-T several times to make the characters dance back and forth. Some pairs may work better or worse depending on font.