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The Extended CHM Manual for PHP:
-HTML help file (*.chm)
- This is great because I can put my cursor over a word and press
CTRL+1 to open then offline manual right to that specific command. This
version is greatly updated from the .hlp version.'s online PHP manual:
-Command: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
- This is great because I can put my cursor over a word and press
CTRL+2 to open the online manual right to that specific command

HTML Tidy:
-Command: tidy.exe -config tidyconfig.txt
-Argument: "$(FilePath)"
-Run as Text Filter: Checked
- This will automatically clean up your HTML code to whatever
standards you designate in the tidyconfig.txt file

Color Cop:
- This is the best tool for determining what color is being used via a
color picker. I use this all the time!

- I use the standard free ruler to measure the size of images, tables,
content area, etc. It adds a ruler to your screen to measure anything!

- Compares all the fonts on my system visually on the screen. (More
useful for working with graphics then coding) I'm using version 2.0
which is freeware and does what I want.

ExamDIFF: (freeware
- This compares the differences between two versions of a file.
Answers the question: These look the same but which lines are different?

Virtual Magnifying Glass:
- This turns your cursor into a magnifying glass which is useful when
trying to create pixel-perfect code. I'm currently using an old version
1.50f which doesn't install. If anyone wants this version please
contact me.

Hope you guys find this useful,
Dean Householder