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Dean Householder's User Tools

===The Extended CHM Manual for PHP===
HTML help file (*.chm)
This is great because I can put my cursor over a word and press CTRL+1 to open then offline manual right to that specific command. This version is greatly updated from the .hlp version.'s online PHP manual

  • Command: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
  • Argument:$(CurWord)

This is great because I can put my cursor over a word and press CTRL+2 to open the online manual right to that specific command

===HTML Tidy===

  • Command: tidy.exe -config tidyconfig.txt
  • Argument: "$(FilePath)"
  • Run as Text Filter: Checked

This will automatically clean up your HTML code to whatever standards you designate in the tidyconfig.txt file

===Color Cop===
This is the best tool for determining what color is being used via a color picker. I use this all the time!

I use the standard free ruler to measure the size of images, tables, content area, etc. It adds a ruler to your screen to measure anything!

Compares all the fonts on my system visually on the screen. (More useful for working with graphics then coding) I'm using version 2.0 which is freeware and does what I want.

===ExamDIFF=== (freeware version)
This compares the differences between two versions of a file. Answers the question: These look the same but which lines are different?

===Virtual Magnifying Glass===
This turns your cursor into a magnifying glass which is useful when trying to create pixel-perfect code. I'm currently using an old version, 1.50f, which doesn't install. If anyone wants this version please contact me.

Hope you guys find this useful,
Dean Householder