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List ideas here for content you'd like to see added to the wiki. Alternatively, feel free to edit pages and add wiki links (e.g. [[new page]]) to suggest new areas of content.

I am running Windows Millennium (4.90.3000) and EditPlus v2.12(76). When I open 250 files (file lists from various directories to understand a virtual server) the Windows "system space" drops below 10% available. So, my request is that EditPlus optimize its use of system space.

I am sure that something can be done: even, for instance, closing files and reopening them automatically when necessary. But, there may be something about read-only or some other automatic efficiency to pursue. What needless inefficiencies regarding system space are there in the code?

Some attention to this would seem rather important for EditPlus' basic justifying function of allowing manipulation of files in large number.

The ftp feature is very nice but why just UPLOAD... DOWNLOAD (even binaries) would be a nice touch.