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Welcome to the Community Portal

Please feel free to create an account. In the future, accounts may be required to edit the wiki. Let us get to know you by name, anyways. You can sign your posts with four tildes, just like this: ~~~~, like I'm doing, as an unsigned-in user: -- 14:30, 30 March 2007 (PDT)

suggestion: Apatana as alternative

For some time now I'm looking to switch from editplus to Aptana, but it still lacks good search/replace functionality. So I'll be sticking to editplus a bit longer. I want to switch to something else only because I prefer open source actually, so maybe I'll keep edit+ after all... Anyway, I was thinking about adding aptana to Alternative_Editors, but because its multiplatform and I'm not a die hard wiki contributor I'll let this to you guys :)

--Saul11 04:31, 29 September 2007 (PDT)

Written by someone who didn't create an account, this has little credibility... --ElfQrin 17:44, 30 March 2007 (PDT)

A few comments on EditPlus (and this wiki): 1. I would think a forum would make for a better community portal. At a minimum, the advantage it would have over this wiki is that users get notified by e-mail when a response is posted to a topic in which they are participating. 2. I didn't see a "suggestions" page anywhere, so... 3. EditPlus has some nice features, but there are a couple that keep me from switching. a. Code folding. I see this is implemented based on indentation, but that's not always accurate (and not just because of the developer's coding practices.) Consider an example (not sure what I can type here and what I can't, so I won't actually post sample code) where you utilize the php end tag in order to output a block of html. Then, when that's done, you use a php start tag to resume the php script. b. More sophisticated project management. My projects are too large to simply open every file they contain. I think that's a poor model for a project. A project should allow you to have separate folders in which you can place css files, include files, etc. c. More robust macro capabilities. Keystrokes are just a decent start. You need to be able to get/set variables as well as the clipboard, run string functions on selected text or variables, and navigate not only the active document, but other open docs as well. Getting the line/column number, moving the cursor and/or selecting to a particular line/column number - these are all necessities, IMO. That said, I'll keep my eye on this project and hope it evolves to a higher level of sophistication in areas like the above, which are crucial for me. Regards to all -- Donny Bahama

I was looking for ntscmds.hlp and it took me a while but on my system it turned out to be ntscmds.chm (compiled html help file). Love using EditPlus. if you do batch or cmd files on windows it is great to have the syntax and highlighting.


Hey all I was wondering about this thing, you see my teacher downloaded the trial for EditPlus and then put it on like hundreds of computers and has us continually break the trial agreement by "continuing" even though we're long over the limit.. What to do?

Try discussing with your teacher the fact that EditPlus is the work of (as I understand it) one hard-working programmer, and he deserves to get paid for the work he's done just like the teacher deserves to get paid for the work he or she does. There are free text editors out there, and perhaps your teacher should look into finding one of those, not breaking the agreement for use of EditPlus. It's people like that who lead to the horrible "activation" systems that companies like Microsoft and Adobe have saddled us with, and the demise of much of the shareware market. I'm sure the author could arrange some kind of educational site license at a reasonable price.


I think it's a great idea to have a website for EditPlus.


I'm surprised EditPlus doesn't have it's own forum because I think it would help their sales--and there's free forum software available like phpBB.

Actually there is a phpBB EditPlus forum (but I think the organization and user-interfaces of most forums/bulletin boards interfere with their overall usability and usefulness).

--Thanks for the link. (How so?)

It seems to be currently inactive, it now returns "403 - Forbidden" -- 16:42, 22 June 2006 (PDT)

The editplus wiki is a great resource, so is the editplus yahou!group. What we are really missing is a forum. The one we had wasn't very useful and seems to be dead now. Certain communication cannot be done, or at least not properly done, by the resources we currently have. Especially feature requests. This wiki has a page full of requests, but it is not the best place to keep them. For example, what is the roadmap, which ones will be granted in the next version, what is the developer's reaction, etc. etc. Does Sangil Kim (Editplus developer) ever read this page? A forum is also a good medium for bug reporting, but for now yahoo!groups is doing this very well. I hope Sangil is reading this and decides to setup a forum. When he does it might be the beginning of the end of the editplus yahoo!groups. But the creators of that group can still be proud of creating and keeping a lively community of people around editplus.

Regards, --moorpipe (May 8, 2007)

I dislike Yahoo groups because the functionality is so poor, although I appreciate the efforts of the people who started the yahoo EditPlus group--the group has helped me in the past, and I'm thankful.

If you view the EditPlus Yahoo! Group as what it is, an archived listserv, I think it serves that purpose very effectively. It creates a community of people where you can ask questions and have discussions via the web and email. Where it fails in the searchability and usability of the archive. Hopefully the wiki can overcome that weakness.

I've never heard of a 'wiki' before, so I googled it.

The wikipedia provides an excellent article explaining what a Wiki is.

It seems like there is a startling problem with wikis: anyone can come along and edit and delete posts. What the?

The "problem" you describe is actually the sole intent of wikis: to lower the burden of entry. How many times have you looked at a website and seen a misspelling or mistake and thought you'd change it if you could? Wikis give you that ability without having to email the author, edit HTML, use FTP, etc.


And if someone screws up the pages, you can ban them as well as restore the pages, since full version history of each page is maintained. -Gregg

I'm newbie at wiki. It's great.

Lastest Release may be great, too. On 2005-01-04, new beta 2.12 bug patch build 181 (2005-01-04) released. and you can get via editplus beta website. (I can't link it here distribution limitation using beta). -- Inseo Park

Is anyone moderating this wiki? The main page is continually be spammed with porn links.

Yes: You are. If you see porn links, clean them out of there. This belongs to all of us, so it's up to us to keep it clean.

-There is an occassional sysop, but it's up to the rest of the community to keep on top of the spam too.