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Syntax (General)

  • PCRE regular expression search & replacements
  • Tag snapping, to make the cursor jump to < and > 's for easier selection, both on the mouse cursor and keyboard shortcut
  • Multiple "Hot Spot" areas in code completion syntax, and hot keys that will scroll through them (so after typing an if/while/for conditional you can hit a hot key to place the cursor between the braces).
  • Support for more than one SCRIPT_BEGIN and SCRIPT_END in syntax files (helps with heredoc syntax).
  • A new (and configurable) option to indent code (syntax based).
  • Ability to handle nested comments. Supported as of v3.11 build 421 (2009-08-08).
  • Solving the ambiguity in brace matching oocuring at the right square bracket in: [asdf]{asdf}. Fx always look at the brace to the left...
    • EditPlus' brace matching works by looking at brackets "inside" the cursor, i.e. opening brackets to the right, or closing brackets to the left. The simple way to solve the problem is to reverse this pattern so that it looks at brackets "outside" the cursor, i.e. opening brackets to the left, and closing brackets to the right. If this is done then the only case where there are two possibilities is if the cursor is in-between a pair of adjacent brackets (e.g. "()"), where it doesn't matter anyway because whichever choice is picked the same two brackets get highlighted.
  • Ability to sort Syntax File Types by description or file extension
  • Beat the current 30 syntax files limit. The number of allowed syntax files should be possibly unlimited or there should be at least a much higher limit like 500 entries.
  • A dockable window (at right) with the list of functions in the file. If you click the function name, the cursor of the edit window takes you to the beginning of the function. (this already works, just go to Settings and Syntax tab (toosl menu) then click func pattern and check out the help. This will work for most languages as it is reg exp.) Then you can define shortcuts to get to this window.
  • Ability to remove/modify/restore the "default file types" when it will never be needed.
  • Ability to change tagnames to lower case.
  • Add a new General-Colors option called "Current brace level" which would apply to the text between braces when your cursor is in between the braces. The "Matching Brace" coloring should continue to highlight when your cursor is just outside of the braces. This would help greatly with languages that use a lot of braces and you want to track at all times what level you are currently editing at.
  • Show the name of the function in which the cursor currently resides in the status bar
  • Option to make "Word Highlighting" occur for the word around the cursor even if there is no selection. For example, if I place the cursor anywhere inside or at the ends of the word "String", then all instances of the word "String" get highlighted, including the one the cursor's in.

Syntax Hints

  • OpenOffice-style word autocompletion for all frequently used words in the document. For example if the word 'function' was used multiple times in the document and you start typing 'fun' then the 'ction' should appear with a dotted border underneath. If you then press enter the cursor jumps to the end of the word. This feature is interoperable with the currently offered autocompletion: pressing space after function would insert the function stub from the acp file. This is a huge timesaver for me in OpenOffice, and I imagine EditPlus would benefit greatly from it also.
  • DOM Capability. Ability to list DOM objects in a dropdown list. For example, in ASP when you type Response+Period then all the DOM selections for the Response object could be in the dropdown list. Just like in Visual Studio.
"Intellisense" is the word you're looking for

Syntax Highlight

  • Ability to create, import and export syntax highlighting colour schemes
  • Ability to specify background as well as text color.
    • Ability to specify background colours and font effects (bold, italic, underlined) in syntax highlighting. This can make comments much easier to find, and be a very powerful aid for quote matching etc.
  • Ability to highlight variables ( $scalar and $array[elements] ) in quoted string (Very very useful for script languages with string expansion like PHP or perl).
  • Ability to highlight special characters in quoted strings (like \r, \n, \t, \x0F etc.).
  • along with #COMMENTON and #COMMENTOFF, it would be nice to have #CODEON and #CODEOFF (i.e. everything outside of the specified delimiters is a comment by default). #COMMENTOFF and #COMMENTON work for that (essentially reverse the usage), except for the text before the placement for #CODEON. useful for Verisity's Specman e-language, since code is bracketed by <' and '>, and all else is comments. Still need to be able to use the #COMMENTON and #COMMENTOFF concurrently with the #CODEON and #CODEOFF though, as comments can reside in the bracketed code too. more explanation, or example e file: parkerjd@tampabay.rr.com
    • Better solution: be able to specify regular expressions which switch the highlighter to another language (as defined in the preferences) or back. So you could specify:
      • <\? and \?> for PHP,
      • <style[^>]*> and <\/style> for CSS,
      • <script type=(['"])text\/javascript\1> and <\/script> for JavaScript (use of \1 makes sure it matches the same starting quote),
      • mysql_query\(" and ") for SQL within PHP, etc.
    • All these would be customizable, so if you had a different query function you could do that. Although it's important to note that when they were invoked would depend on the file extension, i.e. PHP tags should only take effect within .php files, even though both .php and .html act otherwise the same with regards to HTML syntax highlighting.
  • ability to specify multiple-word keywords for syntax file (e.g. verilog import) together they highlight, separately they do not highlight unless specified on a separate line for each. maybe the CR/LF is the delimiter to use, or allow us to escape the space delimiter?
  • ability to specify the folder containing the cliptext files (.ctl)
  • ability to select another htmlbar.acp and template.html than the default ones (especially in a different location than the installation folder)
  • Allow user additions to htmlbar and update standard HTML code especially now css class and style tags are very common
  • Within comments, highlight words such as "FIXME", "TODO" and "XXX"
  • Ability to copy syntax highlighted texts to clipboard as rtf or html
  • Change syntax highlighting for current file more directly, such as through a drop-down.
  • Fix so that #SCRIPT_END in comments would not brake syntax highlighting.
  • Option to ignore .stx keywords in plain text (i.e. highlight them only when they are within the tag delimiters defined for the language.
  • Intelligent heredoc syntax highlighting. For example, in PHP I may begin a block of SQL code like such: "$query = <<<SQL" and end it with "SQL;". EditPlus could take advantage of my hint ("SQL") and know to highlight this block with the syntax file associated with file of extension of ".sql".

Code Folding

  • Code folding for functions and any block of code, configurable for every language. (introduced in v2.30, although it's only able to fold indented code)
  • Code folding syntax based better than indent based as v2.30 do. (v2.30 folds even the commented code and folds not commented lines after one-line-commented line)
  • Option to default all open files to 'Collapse All'
  • Option to retain code folding when files are saved, with the option to turn this feature on/off.

Font Handling

  • Ability to simulate zooming in and out by increasing the font size on Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel (like ms-word or even notepad2)

User Interface

  • Separate editor column, like line numbers, but instead of numbers you can type bookmarks/labels on a line. Then, as you scroll the labels would move up and down along with the line they are attached to. If you scroll down the page to where the line no longer shows up, the label would show up in a list of labels at the top of the screen. Also, when scrolling down, the label would eventually move to a list of labels at the bottom of the screen. Then, labels in the top and bottom lists could be clickable to jump to that bookmark in the code. This could also be used to show functions on a page. Use your imagination!!!
  • Right-justify the current file path + name that appears in the window title, i.e. EditPlus - [path\filename]. I often work on extremely deep folders on UNC paths, e.g. \\motherofallservers\tn3_operations\consumer_ops\webserver\core_functions\project_redesign\version2\scripts\md_header_resize_1024.js, and the file name keeps getting truncated so I can't tell what file I'm working on without looking at a Save As window. If the filepath+name was right-justified, e.g. EditPlus - [..\webserver\core_functions\project_redesign\version2\scripts\md_header_resize_1024.js], I would be much more productive.
  • A new file browser which allows better tree directory listing, with the many projects we have at work, and having to switch between them, its really annoying to have to keep double clicking up and down to switch between files.
  • Allow "Document Selector" to dock on the right or left instead of only top or bottom. (Especially on wide-screen netbooks, vertical screen space is at a premium.)
  • Option for docking Function List window as a third tab on Directory/Cliptext Window
    • A better solution (though not absolutely necessary) would be to add Visual Studio style docking, so we can move any toolbox (cliptext, directory, function list, output, document selector) to dock in any position, or as a floating window, and/or grouped with other dockable windows as tabs.
  • Edit/Others/Char Code command can display the decimal value as well
  • Directory Name combo box on Project Settings window can make use of Level -1, Level -2, ... options to display components of file paths from right. i.e. C:\Example\dir1\sub1\file1.txt and C:\Example\file1.txt files can be displayed as sub1\file1.txt and Example\file1.txt respectively. This would make easier distinguishing the files on window.
  • "Set Read-Only" menu item on the document selector context menu.
  • Option to navigate to a function from the function list with a single click and have the currently selected item in the function list change to the last one before the cursor whenever the cursor moves.
  • Embed the menu bar as a toolbar, like what foobar2k does (see here). This looks much nicer when toolbar visual styles are enabled and allows power users to put the toolbar and menu bar on the same row.
  • CTRL+TAB sequence like Windows ALT+TAB. When you have 3 documents open and press ctrl+tab - you switch between 2 last opened documents, to switch to document 3 you hold ctrl and press tab twice.
    • Make sure this is optional though, some people do not like this way of tabbing (e.g. Keiji)


  • Full UTF-8 Support
  • Unicode UTF-8/16/32 Support
  • Codepage autodetection for opened files, or, at least, possibility to choose the default codepage for all/certain types of files.
  • Support right-to-left mode for Hebrew, Arabic, etc.
  • UTF-8 support for Cliptext files (*.ctl)


  • Encrypted site manager with a master password. This needs strong encryption - blowfish or better. This way if my computer is stolen, a bad person can't deface the web pages of my clients!
    • Store passwords as plain text (like Pidgin does) so owner won't think they're already secure as they aren't
  • Allow remote files to be opened via the command line -e switch (for example, something like editplus.exe -e ftp1:/path/to/remote/file). (This already works, I use VB script and pass the path and construct a command like this - "Editplus.exe -e ftp(0):" & vpath & vfile. It will open remote files, my ftp(0) is mapped to a generic path on remote host.)
  • SFTP Support
    • Public key auth
(from v2.2 What's New: "Experimental 'Use sftp' option (File->FTP->FTP Settings, Works only on Windows XP and higher).", but does not work properly on keyboard-interactive authorization.)
If you are having trouble connecting to a server via SFTP, see this fix
  • Ability to sort FTP accounts in the FTP Settings window. The current ordering is unpredictable, and a pain when you have a lot of FTP accounts configured
  • Ability to group accounts in a hierarchical structure
  • FTP transfer (saving / opening) should not be modal, waiting for the transfer to complete wastes time, which can be better spent editing other files for example.
  • Option to enable not to load ftp files until their related document window is activated when loading projects or workspace files.
  • In the "Open Remote File" Dialogue box, when you type in a file or directory name that is not present in the current directory you receive an error message "The file transfer failed . . . " and the Open Remote File dialogue box closes. Instead of closing the Open Remote File dialogue box, it should stay open and allow you to try typing the correct name.
  • The ftp feature is very nice but why just UPLOAD... DOWNLOAD (even binaries) would be a nice touch.
  • Asociate one URL with each ftp account. If i check View->View in browser, it always ask for the url.
  • When "Reload working files..." is active, postpone reloading of remote files (FTP) until their window is activated via document selector.
  • For remote file documents, a tools macro, expanding to the path of local temporary file.

Search / Replace

  • Highlight All Items Found feature
  • Incremental Search support
  • Ability to search/replace higher ANSI/non-printable ASCII characters (which are usually displayed as small boxes within EditPlus and cannot be copied and pasted into the search/replace dialogue). The hex value of those characters can be e. g. 0D, 3B, etc. In Perl they can be replaced with s/\x0D//
  • When doing a "Find in Files", defining file type field to include some files and exclude some other files would be practical. For example, "*.c;*.p* -*.pdb" or "*.* -*.exe;-*.obj" would make it easy to filter out some files that we are not interested.
  • Searchbox and 'previous'/'next' buttons docked on the right side of the Toolbar. Possibly with drop down for options.

Printing and Preview

  • a button for switching between portrait and landscape
  • a button for fit-to-page

Programmable API

  • What I would like to see in the EditPlus editor is an event system and access to editor's settings using some scripting language or even C/C++. For example, I want to create a VIM settings parser using Open File handler. For this I need to bind a small JavaScript listener that will change the tabstop, shiftwidth, softtabstop parameters for the currently edited file.
  • Another example: I would like to checkout file in CVS when the user have started editing of an opened file and checkin when the user saves the edited file.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Add HTML "code" element, to list of HTML keyboard shortcuts.(Very important for documentation creators and urgently needed).
  • Ability to add "new" keyboard shortcuts.
  • Ability to create "User Keyboard Shortcuts" files (ASCII file format), for other file formats such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, etc.

Project Management

  • Better project management. As opposed to having that ugly dialog, have a dockable pane where I can view all the files added to a project, and easily drag&drop others.
  • "Add Dir" adds all files and displays them in project window, as oppossed to just displaying the directory.
  • Highlight broken project file links.
  • Add project management to "cliptext" window area and add user option to change dialog box to full page, if desired.
  • Save current workspace to a file and load/merge workspaces from files.
  • Ability to load the last workspace even when "Reload working files on startup" is not checked.


  • Allow running of Perl scripts from the desktop. Currently, EditPlus passes the long path but it seems that Perl needs the short path.
  • Separate settings per user. Store the settings and FTP sites on a per user basis in the users' Local Settings/Application Data Folder.
  • Color Selector to select any color on the screen, even outside of the editplus window. Shows the resulting color, the html color code and the rgb color code.
  • Filter file type option in the left directory panel.
  • Ability to set the backup folder for an individual project would be nice. If I specified a general folder, I would only have one index.bak file.
  • Keyboard shortcut to rename files in the Directory Window (F2 comes to mind)
  • Folding-tree navigation for Directory Window
  • Option to Minimise to Tray instead of Closing. This should allow the user to click the "Close [X]" button or hit whichever key that is set to exit/close Editplus but let the program minimise to tray instead. A very useful feature found in quite a few popular editors.
  • Ability to open different files in splitter window mode.
  • View/Edit file in hexadecimal
  • View '.htaccess' files as "Common Files", Or add a 'hide files filter list' so that for example all files except '*.bak' can be shown.
  • An entry in Directory Toolbar which brings a list of the open files in Document Selector in alphabetical order.
  • Ability to place User Tools 11-20 on the User Toolbar
  • Ability to use user-icons for User Tools
  • A keyboard shortcut to go to previous cursor position(s) when cursor is moved with mouse, search or paste. Like ^Q/^P in WordStar editor.
  • An option to keep the cursor position after a column paste
  • A Windows x64 version of Editplus
  • Better fixed column handling! I propose a three-option word wrap setting; No wrap, Wrap at window edge (the same as typical word wrapping) and wrap at column (with the wrap column selectable in the options somewhere).
  • Code navigation. A keyboard shortcut to go to a function (like choosing it from a Function List), and support for Back/Forward mice buttons to go to previous editing positions.
  • Support for a horizontal caret.
  • Make Tools Preferences dialog box size changeable, for those of us who use screen resolutions of 1600 x 1200 or higher.
  • Store "Web server root directories" list in ASCCI file format and make the gui bigger so we can view list properly and in full.
  • Add user voting system for this page, so that users can decide which features should be implenmented, sooner rather than later.
  • Add a section to this wiki, where users can contribute "Features Code" to Sangil. One person alone cannot be expected to implement all of these changes.
  • "Document Editing Tree" - Most of the time when editing documents, for example php/html/aspx, these documents are often link to other documents. It would be good to see a feature which can locate (possibly limited from within predefined locations in Prefs > Tools) and display all the documents and media (css, scripts, includes, images, video, audio files,etc) linked to an open document and displayed in the cliptext/directory window. This is a feature which I have mainly seen implemented in some web browsers and /or their extensions, namely Firebug (A Mozilla Firefox Extension) and within the Safari 4 Web browsers "Web Inspector".
  • Plug-ins - Is it possible that at some point in the future we might see the ability for users to be able to create plug-ins to expand the potential of EditPlus?