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Both function pattern regular expressions support partial display using the first tagged expression in the Function Pattern dialog.

^[ \t]*function[ \t](.*\(.*\)).*$
^[ \t]*([^:=]+[:=] function ?\(.*\)).*

These expressions will find functions of the following forms in your file:

function foobarspaz(arg1, arg2) {}
foobarspaz: function(arg1, arg2) {}
foobarspaz = function(arg1, arg2) {}


When using classes in PHP5 the function keyword can be preceded by "public", "private" or "protected". The following updated regex takes account of this change from PHP4. If you don't know why you might need this, then you probably don't.

^[ \t]*(public[ \t]|protected[ \t]|private[ \t]|)[ \t]*function[ \t].*\([^;]*$

To also show classes in the function list use the following:

^[ \t]*((public[ \t]|protected[ \t]|private[ \t]|)[ \t]*function[ \t].*\()|(class[ \t].*\{)[^;]*$